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A netizen who used to work as a Grab Food delivery rider shared that he feels guilty whenever he orders Grab Food when it is raining.


Here is what he shared

“I used to work as a bicycle rider for Grab Food many years ago and understand how tough it is delivering food under the elements.

So I naturally have some sympathy for not just Grab Food but all delivery riders who toil out there under the rain and sun, and I usually feel very bad when ordering Grab Food when it’s pouring heavily outside, and give them a bigger tip when it’s raining.

Anyone else feels the same way? Or am I completely overthinking things?”

Here is what netizens think

  • I’m a uni student but have been doing Grab Food delivery for extra pocket money for the last year or so. From what I gather from other riders including myself, you could say the number of riders who enjoy working in the rain vs not is split pretty much 50-50.

I personally prefer working in the rain because we tend to have higher pay (aka “surge fees”), more people tend to order Grab Food when it’s raining heavily so more orders for us, less pedestrians on the roads so it’s easier for us to ride safely, rain is very cooling and I don’t feel as tired, etc.


This might be a surprise to some but I actually prefer heavier rain (more orders for me + empty roads). The only time when poor weather conditions becomes an issue for me is when there’s thunder + lightning involved which forces me to seek shelter and essentially on a mandatory break until the weather improves.

  • I work DTBM (Downtown Bukit Merah), usually need to decide between working in the rain for incentive or rest haha

But the ones that rly make me a headache are those condo ppl that take 102827291 hours to answer the intercom, when I’m like cold and all.

  • I seldom order Grab Food delivery to begin with, and I’ve probably ordered in heavy rain only once or twice. I do recall tipping them. Totally get you and I would feel for the riders too. It’s not just a matter of greater discomfort, but also a higher risk of getting into accidents since it’s more slippery.

I see paying the delivery fee and empathy for the rider as two separate issues. Just because we pay the delivery fee doesn’t mean that we cannot also empathise with them or therefore choose to tip them. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Grab Food is a difficult job and gratitude, especially if expressed with a kind word or a tip (or both), can at least help to make their day a bit better. Sure, it’s the grab delivery company’s duty to ensure the well-being and compensation of the riders, but we complain all the time about our culture being not particularly friendly, and while we certainly don’t owe the riders anything, maybe we can start to make things a bit better by being a bit less stingy with our empathy, goodwill, and money.

  • For some reason, people always feel bad for Grab Food delivery riders forgetting that they’re also choosing to working and earning the money.

Also many others out there working in the rain.

  • You pay more? Why are people so unnecessarily paiseh. They can always choose not to work when it is raining. Does not make sense.

Image source: نور دانيال/Facebook, Dougles Chan/Facebook

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