2 years back, I was 113KG at height of 1.6m
So how I gained that much weight from 55kg at 22 years old to 113kg at 28 years old??? Wtheck i’ve been doing wrong?
Basically my BAD lifestyle of having supper daily, 😋 eating mcdonalds 3-5 times a week and sleep at 3-5am every day 😴, a can of COKE for breakfast and eating portion for 2 for each meal.
I confess that I 🖤🖤🖤 LOVE RICE because I melayu, omg NASI AMBENG panas2 kan! and FRIED FOOD and COKE!
This is the recipe to GAIN 50kgs in 6 years, for those who keep saying dia kudut and makan makan badan tak naik2, nah! 😬

So how i lost 40kgs in 2 years?

The question is why?🤔
No 1. Because theres a period im out of breath that i feel like dying, serious!

No.2 When u met an old fren and the 1st thing they say “eh dah gemok eh kau skrg” so RUDE right?😒 Atleast ask a better question like how are you doing etc..etc… bodoh mcm biskot, lempang kan baru tau! 👊

No.3 When i cant find my hari raya outfit after visit to few shops and it was demoralising looking at the mirror with that body and i tell myself i had enough and i had to do something about my body. “Alhamdulilah sis dah sedar 😆

Its a slow process but surely a rewarding one. Orang tua kata, “biar lambat asal selamat”
Memang selamat, sebab sis tak makan apa2 ubat diet okay. 💊
Hope my tips works for you who want to lose some weight. INSYAALLAH.

1. PLAIN WATER 🥛gonna be ur new bestfriend.
Say NO to sugar drinks!  🍸🍹
Its ok to treat urself once a while like MAX twice a week but avoid gassy drinks ok.

2. I dont do diet, coz I love food! 🍝🍜
But i eat SMALLER portion.
Breakfast and lunch so important to me, but i will switch to red apples 🍎 for dinner most of the time.
Whenever u eat give urself 3 hours before you sleep.😪
If possible dont eat it.
If cannot tahan, treat urself a small serving MAX two times a week.

3. I hardly eat rice nowdays and I dont eat bread anymore, just dont feel the joy of eating carbo like last time,
I prefer eating lots of protein and veggies nowdays.🍄🥕🌽

Atleast 30 mins a day.
It will help to shed those fats faster.
I dont jog nowdays, coz i find it a bit boring 😅. Instead I dance every day atleast 45mins-1hr. 💃💃💃
You will be surprise how much sweat that come out from your body.
Its easy, just browse thru youtube and start learning some new choreography.
And u know bike sharing OFO? 🚴‍♀️ I ride bike for every short distance whenever i can like atleast 5 times a week.
That bike with no gear, go up slope sure pancit but u will burn lots of calories. Its cheap also $1.50 for 60 days Unlimited rides, way cheaper than gym membership. 😅

5. I check my weight daily,
Just to keep myself on track.
Especially after festive and wedding season coz that is the period i will eat the most.

6. Discipline and mental must be strong.
Dont give up, NEVER give up.
I took ard 2 YEARS not 2 weeks or
2 months to lose 40kgs.

7. Must enjoy!
Losing weight shouldnt be stressful or depressing,
You must enjoy the new lifestyle and STOP 🚫 comparing your progress with others because every BODY is different.
Ultimately you must feel good and happy with the changes.
Its not how fast u can lose the kgs..
Its how long u can maintain losing it.

Another thing that i did is to keep looking at old photos to see my progress, it keeps me happy to see the changes and motivates me to stay healthy and keep losing weight to hit my healthy weight goal!

Im at 70kg right now, my plan is to lose another 5kg atleast in 3 months time. So lets lose weight tgthr and to a healthier lifestyle. 💪💪💪

Feel free to Share your tips and weight loss journey with me!
“SIS” looking forward ok. 🙏


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