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Dark figures inside trees

One time when i was out on detail supporting another unit for their exercise in Tekong. At about midnight or somewhat later, my Vcom (vehicle commander) woke me up to move my tonner to the pickup point for the troops in the field.


We all know tekong haunted af but wah the roads in school 4 and closer to the jungly parts of the island just complete darkness.

So when I reached the area it was empty and dark with a training shed, my vcom just said we chill here till they arrive and proceeded to relax on the steps of the training shed.

I went to setup my field chair and like instantly toh and fell asleep bruh. Suddenly i heard a bunch of people screaming that woke me up.

I looked around to see wtf it was and saw some dark figures walking around some trees and was scared as f. Looked at my phone it was 3am, I was legit shaking and looked at my vcom sleeping without a care in the world.


I couldnt sleep after that and tried to watch movies on my phone to pass time and calm down. The troops came like an hour later.

The famous Ah Ma checking if recruits sleeping

After BMT in Tekong I rarely hear ghost stories already, maybe because as recruits they get scared more easily since they’re still new to NS.

Anyways, I’m not sure if it’s true or not, during BMT I heard that some nights there’ll be a grandma-like figure that sits on top of everyone’s locker and like look at people sleeping.

If you are awake and accidentally see her, she will stare at you for the rest of the night.

But looking back it could have been our sergeants f-ing with us with this fake story so that we stay asleep through the night and get more rest for the training next day.


Shadow figure

One night i was doing guard duty at my camp and I was prowling with my buddy ard 3am. When we went to this specific part of the camp,

I feel someone was following us and a bunch others watching. Idk how to explain the feeling but i was not feeling it and wanted to get out of the place asap.

I just told my buddy that we just go quickly to the checkpoint and fk off back to the guard room.

At the corner of my eye, i kid you not i saw some shadowy figure sprinted pass behind me to an armskote. I just noped out of here and just fast walk back to the guardroom

Ghost who molest guy’s kkj

Well this happened to me a couple of days ago. Shall not mention the camp.

I fell asleep after playing with mobile phone and in the middle of the night i felt something tickling my face and felt something playing with my balls (i sleep without wearing anything btw in bunk).

I couldn’t move and side glance my buddy all sleeping. I was so afraid and pray till i fell asleep.

Next morning when i woke up, i saw a few strands of long hairs beside my pillow. Gosh. Just this instance and it nvr happened again after i put a tailsman below my pillow.

Food placed in a circle

Was on COS duty in tekong during the weekends, so no recruits other than 2-3 confined soldiers. Early one morning as usual a recruit from the guardroom placed the breakfast indented for us outside the office still in those green bags they use, because most of us at coyline still sleeping.

Woke up to the food all opened up (it was lor mai gai) with the rice placed in a neat circle. Nothing happened after but it was still creepy.


Red-eyed ghost

I was an instructor. Sometimes when preparing for a course, bobian have to sleep in camp due to mess up and whatnot. As I’m a stay out unit, got no bed so I can only sleep in my cubicle.

There was this memorable night, I was sleeping alone in my cubicle when I heard some shuffling foot steps. I looked up, and saw a red eyed long hair figure behind the partition staring at me.

I act blur tried to sleep back, but I swear to god I really wanna pee. Longest night of my life.

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