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Throwaway account here.


Hi, before anyone does a double-take, I am a male soldier serving in a stay-in unit, totally straight. Won’t reveal much about my unit but it’s quite relaxed and the officers don’t really check around much, so the men are free to do whatever they want, but that leads to lawless authority there.

So basically, my platoon were chilling at the coy office and I asked my bunkmate (A) if he could help me for my programming script as I was trying to build up my coding portfolio. A said, “ok, let’s go to the bunk to see your script”. We are allowed to bring in our laptops for our own usage.

So we both headed to bunk. While walking, I sensed an air of awkwardness as if A thought that something was going to happen between us. Would like to add that this is not the first time A unbuttoned my pants or touched my genitals, although not directly yet. At the bunk, I took up my laptop and turned it on. A sat next to me, while I was showing him the problem. A started to unbuckle my belt, don’t ask why I didn’t stop him, some part of me thought it was some manly game. Then he started to undo my buttons and revealed my underwear. He put his head down and looked around and asked what brand were my underwear and I replied that I didn’t know.

I tried to change the topic and get his attention by asking him a question. He replied to the question quickly and turned back towards my crotch. He then looked at my crotch, said “this one got feeling” and gave it a flick. I was taken aback and said, “what you want, of course pain lah.”


Afterwards, I buttoned up my pants and continued to explain my issue. He gave me some suggestions and I proceeded to edit my code. After that, he went again to unbutton my pants, part of me felt scared as I knew what was going to happen. But I was scared to make it awkward and some faux masculinity part of myself made me ignore it.

He got into my underwear and went to open it and was like, ” wow its hairy”. Before I could react, he went to squeeze my genitals. I didn’t say anything but I jumped back and immediately buttoned my pants up. All of a sudden, the atmosphere changed and he realised I wasn’t interested in him. He sensed my defensiveness and unwillingness to continue further and said a few words on how to optimise my script and went away.

If anyone thinks that this was just a game and not an intentional assault, let me stop you right there. When you had someone’s face 10 cm from you and his sweaty hand squeezing your bare genitals, you just know he wants to screw you.

Some people may say that its just a touch, but if you were to go and squeeze another gender’s genitals in public, wouldn’t that be a criminal offense also, shouldn’t a same-gender assault carry the same weight as an opposite-gender assault? Not to mention the psychological damage it causes to the victim.

This incident left me really scared and helpless to speak up. Every time I see him, all of a sudden I feel so small and scared, like I have no power and he can do anything to me.


Sorry if this sounds like a fantasy story, but I don’t really know what to do and where to seek help. I’m worried about talking to my superiors as it’s really embarrassing and might affect my remaining time here.

It really makes me angry that because he is very “upz” and well liked by our superiors, if I were to report this, it will most likely be swept under the rug or our superiors will help him.

Source: u/Old-man6278

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