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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Honestly this might just sound like a first world problem or that I’m just a spoilt brat but I’m really annoyed at my current situation and was wondering if its normal


For context: I’m a 20M chao NSF private in a non-combat vocation earning $630 monthly living with my parents (52M and 51F) and 2 sisters (23F and 15F). My dad is a finance guy earning $12K+ monthly while my mom earns about $6K+. My older sister is currently doing some sales job with a base pay around $2.5K (not including commissions) She’s not a FA/Insurance agent or whatever so she does not have to treat clients etc. Younger sister still in secondary school with no PT job so obviously no income

Even though my parents earn so much, I’m still expected to pay for many of the services that my household uses and it’s seriously depleting my funds. For example, my family likes to use Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video but I’m the one paying for it. So that’s like $26 + $12 + $3. Even the household internet bill my mom wants me to pay which is like $70+ monthly, like wtf whole house use internet but I chao NSF need to pay?! Bruh. I also pay my own phone bill ($20/month) while my older sister’s bill is paid by my father, like I mean I don’t mind settling my own phone bill since it gives me more freedom to choose what services I want but why isn’t my older sister settling it herself when she earns way more money than me? And when I ask my parents why can’t my older sister help settle some of the bills instead, my older sister just keeps insisting that she does not want to do that causing my parents to just drop the matter and the responsibility falls on me again

A few months back when I first enlisted, my father signed me up for a new insurance plan and just expected me to pay for it without even telling me how much it was going to cost. Like I literally only found out when the insurance company started to bill me and I saw it in my bank statements. I know insurance is a good thing to have but he didn’t even consult me and just suddenly want me to pay $100+ monthly for it out of nowhere and I don’t even know my plan benefits lol. Yet my dad still partially pays for my older sister’s insurance even with her full-time job while I’m struggling to keep my bank account alive. My parents don’t give me money anymore and expecting me to pay for so much while living on $630 a month is just crazy. Like I also want to live life, spend money on MYSELF, save up and invest? But reality I’m just left with peanuts every month. Like my father is a literal finance officer but can he not see that my current situation is not good for me?? Like on top of all this, I still have my own personal expenses like food, transport etc that I have to cover myself.

I’m also just feeling a little upset that every year during birthdays, Christmas and father’s mother’s day I would always get gifts for my family and bring them out to eat (using my own money) while I consistently get nothing from them lol. Like last year during both of my sisters birthday my parents had a celebration meal for them while during my birthday they didn’t even do anything or gift me anything lol. My older sister also would take days just to lend me 10 bucks when I consistently spend money on her. I just feel damn irritated like I’m doing so much for my family but I feel like I’m not getting fuck in return.


Like I already know my family financial situation is already considered better than some others and I’m not saying my family poor or what but like wtf why is my parents like this when they know that fucking SAF allowance so damn little

Should I just put my foot down and not go the extra mile for them anymore? Fuck lah just needed to rant feeling damn tilted

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