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In this era dominated by diverse beauty standards, a unique phenomenon unfolds in a small village nestled in Phuket, Thailand. Unlike the global trend favoring bone-thin or sexy beauty, this village celebrates a distinct perspective — the perception that ‘fat is beauty.’


The Village Paradigm: A Radical Beauty Notion

In this unconventional village, the scale of beauty tilts towards women weighing more than 90kg. Astonishingly, thin women find it challenging to secure a partner. The men’s ultimate dream here is to marry a woman surpassing the 90kg, and their admiration for such women is deeply ingrained.

The ‘Four Beauties’ Phenomenon

Entering the village, one is greeted by the sight of robust women engaging in animated conversations. Contrary to conventional norms, these women enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. Responsibilities like earning money and household chores are willingly shouldered by their husbands, while the women focus on one primary task – making themselves intentionally overweight.

A Blissful Routine: The Unique Dynamics

Daily life for these women revolves around a relaxed routine. Husbands serve prepared meals to their wives, urging them to indulge and revel in idleness. Astonishingly, the women express sheer joy in this routine, highlighting a stark departure from societal norms.

Cultural Roots: The Malaysian Ethnic Connection

Delving into the village’s history, it’s revealed that the inhabitants are ethnic minorities from Malaysia. Traditionally, men engaged in fishing while women stayed at home, leading to a natural inclination towards weight gain. This historical context has birthed a peculiar aesthetic, where a woman’s weight is considered a status symbol.


Inflating Value: The Pursuit of Plumpness

For men, marrying a ‘fat’ girl is seen as a showcase of wealth and a status symbol. Conversely, for the women, gaining weight becomes a means to inflate their own value. Every girl in the village staunchly advocates the mantra of “eating more and eating more.”

The Village Paradox: Future Predictions

In a seemingly paradoxical observation, slim girls in the village are predicted to gain weight in the future. The top beauty of the village, donning a 7 xs plus-size dress, proudly boasts a weight exceeding 428 pounds, solidifying the village’s unique beauty standards.

The Outsider’s Predicament: The Thin Girl’s Struggle

Amidst the predominantly ‘fat’ population, there exists a thinner girl, 24 years of age, struggling with societal expectations. Despite her efforts to maintain a slim physique, she faces rejection and deems it impossible for a man to pursue her romantically.

Idealizing the ‘Fat’ Beauty

Curiously, even though the men in the village prefer ‘fat’ women, they themselves maintain a slender physique. While the majority of women worldwide grapple with weight loss, these men grapple with the challenge of gaining weight.

A Societal Struggle: Beauty in Captivity

In a poignant realization, men in this village raise their wives akin to pigs in captivity, all for the sake of societal vanity. Simultaneously, women undergo the arduous task of intentionally transforming themselves into ‘fat’ individuals to adhere to men’s preferences.



This peculiar village challenges conventional beauty norms, showcasing a unique perspective where ‘fat’ is celebrated. While the world grapples with conflicting beauty standards, this village serves as a testament to the diversity in perceptions of beauty.

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