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Tuesday, May 30, 2023


On 20 May 2023. Me and My Wife was on our way to JB, we went in via Tuas Checkpoint.


We were then stuck at Malaysia Custom for a good 1 hour because there is only 2 counters open.

When we arrived at the counter, the Officer told us to remove our passport cover “with an impolite tone”. I then removed and gave it to her, after she verified our Particulars, she then chop the passport.

And upon completing, i then stop at the side to check my passport and then i found out. The officer purposely left a blank page on my passport and for my wife passport, she chopped on page 27 (20 May 2023) before Scribble it and re chopped on page 28 (20 may 2023) for no good reason. So afterwards I park my bike at the side and walk to the office.

And when im in the office, I told the Male Officer, how do i lodge a report/complaint on the officer in counter M8, he told us to do it online, without explaining to us, he also raised his voice and tell us to do it outside of the office instead (which is no need for him to act that way) after my wife asking him few times on how to do it on the webpage he felt irritated and then took our passport and bring us to the other office at level 2 where the both of us were issued the letter “Refusal of Entry” by Asisten Superintenden “Rexsus” an Indian Female Officer.


And again the both of us seek for and explanation on why must the officer treat us this way? And also why must they issued us this “Refusal of Entry” when we just want to know the reason. She couldn’t give us an answer, yet she raised her voice and gave us a choice sarcasticly if we want to be banned from coming in malaysia 6 months or 1 year.

After everything she told us we were banned 6 months from coming in Malaysia for no valid reason.

The Officer at Counter M8 was not wearing any nametag, i couldn’t get her name, and for the Male Officer at the office level 1 wasn’t wearing a proper immigration uniform. He was just wearing a Dri Fit T Shirt and a jacket. For the Female officer who issued us the letter at Level 2 office her name is Asisten Superitenden “Rexsus”

And my last photo, 1 of my friend who was also issued the same letter by the Malaysia Immigration , I did ask her side of story, she told me her boyfriend was just questioning on why must the officer chop on the centre of the page? The officer then shouted at my friend boyfriend and bring them to the higher up office.

Now i just want a clarification on “How and What” is the proper procedure for Malaysia Immigration?


How are they supposed to chop our passport? I think this need to be standardised because its not fair for us (Singaporean) to be paying for our passport and the officer is just wasting our pages. And also please look onto this matter and do something about the officer on the ground, We understand this is their job, but the least they can do is treat us the way they want to be treated.

I just hope with this post, Malaysia Immigration take action on the procedure, the proper turnouts for an officer and also the proper way of treating “Foreigners” coming in your Country.

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