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I’m a senior manager at a firm, and I have been told that I have what is described as a boss-lady energy.


There’s an intern [m20] from the accounting dept at my firm that I’ve had flirty tension with for weeks. By a random series of events (too long to bore you with here) we ended up at a concert…just the two of us.

At the show, I ordered us drinks, and by the time the headliner was on, we were both sufficiently drunk, and the flirting was more direct.

He started being really alpha and sort of leading the teasing and I f-ing loved that. He would put his hand on my lower back and pull me into him when the crowd started filling in.

It got super crowded, and I ended up with my body in front of him, pressed against him pretty close. I could dance and move a little and know that I was teasing him on his pants as he got hard.


At some point he quit hiding it and started holding onto my hips and pulling me tightly against him. I could feel that he “was not small” and that he wanted me.

I wanted to turn around and make out with him SO BAD, but I was enjoying teasing him so much. There were a few times he let his hands go up my sides and tease under the bottom of my shirt…just barely brushing my skin on my waist.

By the end of the show a wind could have blown on me and I would have finished in my jeans, it was soaking wet.

The show ended and we left it at that, going our separate ways. Something about the fact that all of that happened and we didn’t say a word about it, was so hot.

Next day at the office, he came by in the morning at his usual time, and this time closed the door. He immediately said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t stop thinking about last night.”


It made me so so nervous, but I covered my face with my hands, and said, “I know. Me too”. In like two seconds we were making out, and it was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced.

He pulled the front of my shirt down and started going on my chest while I rubbed him over his pants. At some point he whispered that he wanted me to come, and he started massaging me over my pants LIKE A PRO.

It felt so good, but I needed to feel him, so I directed his hand down the front of my pants. When he felt me wet and smooth down there, he whispered “fk” into my ear.

Knowing that he loved it so much pushed me to the edge and I came, biting hard into his shoulder. He pulled his hand out then pulled me into his body and kissed me.

All of this was maybe 5-10 minutes. He just left my office, just saying, “see you later”. I wish I could say I was cool, but all I could do was nod. I was totally speechless.

I don’t know what’s gonna happen next, but I can’t say enough how much I love this long game. I love being handled and teased.

Is it bad that I want to call a 20 year old “Daddy”

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