According to the statement, retailers will take the initiative to take eight measures, including no modifications or enhancements affecting the personal mobility tool circuitry; Servicing will be those who have registered personal mobility tools, and only for UL2272 certified equipment.

From now on, young people under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult to purchase PMD or related services from local major PMD retailers.

Accidents involving personal mobility tools continued to occur, and 27 PMD retailers issued a joint statement yesterday committing to take eight measures to improve the use of personal mobility tools. Retailers who have issued joint statements include Falcon PEV, Mobot, Gadget4Fun, Scooter Hun and Trust Wheels.

In their statement, they pointed out that personal transportation tools are designed to improve the quality of life and benefit thousands of people. However, even with regulations and regulations and continuous law enforcement, some irresponsible users have seriously abused personal transportation tools. Which has caused social panic.

“While reckless behavior is beyond our control, merchants are also responsible for providing substandard equipment or making it easy for irresponsible perpetrators to obtain these means of transportation.”

According to the statement, retailers will take the initiative to take eight measures, including no longer selling personal mobility tools or related services to young people under the age of 16 unless accompanied by an adult; no modification or promotion affecting the personal mobility tool circuitry; Registered personal transport tools provide services and only sell UL2272 certified equipment.

Association of PMD Retailers: Responds to User Irresponsible Behavior

Retailers also educate the public, promote awareness of security through social media, and continue to work with the authorities to ensure that all products are legal.

The Singapore PMD Retailers Association expressed support for the above statement. The association said in an official book post that this is a collective effort by the industry to include non-association retailers. “As an industry, retailers will continue to behave against irresponsible behavior by users of personal mobility tools.”

Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information, Ministry of Communications and Information, said in a parliamentary question on Monday (7th) that if the attitude of users of personal mobility tools does not improve, the authorities may ban PMDs.


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