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Pregnant Girl’s Boyfriend wants to clear his name

12247005_1523519761306095_5903772715605180529_n_censoredsince my ex bf want clear his stupid name and say so many untrue shits , i shall reply his 10% true status over here. His girl friend message him and say ” dont think your girlfriend pregnant she very big and blablabla , keep send message to you and kp about me when im unhappy you go up their house , they can keep complain why not just inbox me straight away dont waste my time?


1st you say i save my ex name as ‘ LAO GONG’ when we just together and you scroll my contact book. Firstly thats his old number and he didn’t use that number anymore , you think i will so free go delete his old number when i’m already so busy and never contact him , who will go make effort delete when got thousands of contact.& you yourself also still save your a few ex girlfriends name as Moon laopo, shir♥ etc etc yet you got the cheek to say me?

2nd,restrict you from pokemon go? because scare you addicted and neglect me like how you neglect me for dota and YES I WAS RIGHT until now you still playing pokemon go and everyday neglect me even when driving also play pokemon , what a reckless driver , what if i die how?? and under influence of my male classmate? HAHAHA firstly is not influence by them is influence by my bestfriend ( which is a girl ) i just happen to play i happen to play in class cause it’s town area got more pokemon

3rd, Hi bye hug with my guy best friend Abel Tan & HIS GF Christine Ong Not only him okay , his girlfriend give me permisssion ask me to slap him hard on the arm cause he tease her, that’s how me and my best friends communicate , & yes you said that you don’t like me to hi bye hug when when they go , suddenly want hi bye hug me how i reject THEM? & not hearing my explaination, you straight away slap me when they walk off. ( first month together jiu slap me already) i offer them to come my house chill awhile cause it’s midnight there is no bus or transport and they know my family members yet you instantly say no and threaten me . I become a ‘ Unhelpful friend ‘ that night.

4th,I told you i have 5-6 ex boyfriend? ya it’s true and all my relationship last for years except for 1-2 . you scroll my inbox until last two years to stalk me and say i have countless of boyfriend? Hello i work in flower joint , flirtatious message with customer is normal , if not how i get my flower , use your brain la and that’s before together with you , and you have how many dates and girlfriends before you ownself know .


5th i told you that i’m going for lingerie shoot last time and next week onwards is all fashion shoot yet you claim that i lie to you ? when i do inform you but you were too busy GAMBLING and treat my words as farting.

6th, say i agree to quit nightlife but lie to you work another 1 month?
lol , when we broke up then i continue to work another 1 month but after that we patch back how you want me quit instantly when i already agree to work and have agreement already? end up cause of your selfishness i quit instantly and my pay and also screw up and being name as ” irresponsible ” for work.

7th , i at your house like princess? I help you clean your whole room when it’s full of dust for many years and change your bedsheet and mop the floor the warerobe and every table and prize you got , yet i pregnant ask you take milo and cook maggie very unreasonable meh? Isn’t that what a boyfriend should do when the gf is pregnant? & you are the father of the child of cause you should send me to hospital for scanning but you dont even want fork out a single cent for the check up.

8th.i everyday suspect you with this person? Is because you everyday delete your message and dont allow me see your phone & you remove my thumbprint access and change our wallpaper , which girl won’t feel insecure and suspect you? & furthermore i check your phone , you text with so many girls and flirt with them that’s when i completely lost my trust towards you.

9th.i threaten to kill anyone close to you? every friend of mine know that i love to send crazy pic to tease pic , i just purely send a pic with knife to tease you yet you use that as a evidence that i want kill your friend HAHAHAHA cause you said YOU ARE NOT COMING HOME.


10th.quarrel until your whole family wake up ? you are the one when im sleeping dig me out of bed and find quarrel with me just because your friend texted me and ” bad mouth” about you and i didnt scream all along is you keep shouting until your family woke up .

11, you are the one every single day check my phone , first thing morning wake up is check my phone when i haven even check yet. dont be contradicting. you dont even let me hold my phone.

12,i use your computer delete all your icloud pic? i delete your ex date pic cannot meh ? together with me yet still save so many sweet pic with her why i cant delete?

13, break already go anywhere is my problem but i didnt went UP TO GUY HOUSE UNLIKE U.

14, i didn’t slap your mouth before dont anyhow accuse , the only time i beat you back is when you went up to girl house and you continuously hitting my head and eye who wont whack back? you got injuries so do i , i went hospital cause i breathless and going to faint after our fight and my eye lose of sight cause you punch me. Isn’t this cause by you ? i pregnant you still dare to hit me when you CHEATED ON ME.

15, i told my guy best friend not to hi bye hug me again and both agree and my guy best friend offer me a job but you dont allow me to work there cause his around . ridiculous much? other job you let me work is because THERE IS NO GUY AROUND IT’S BEAUTY INDUSTRY ONLY GIRL.

16, you and her alone at house middle of the night overnight who knows what will happen? keep claim that only sat at living room suku , why cannot go downstair must go up house. you think i bodoh or what?

Source: https://www.facebook.com/mayureewaan/posts/1728977594093643

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