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no matter what I do for my GF, her family n friends have never approved of me.


Since we started to date, she felt that her life quality has dropped. She said she had given up a lot of things for me and she had been feeling quite mentally exhausted. She has been wanting me to propose to her and get our marriage but I feel that currently, we’re not ready yet. We’ve also been quarrelling for even small matters, she always thinks that she’s in the right and I’ve been purposely finding faults to argue with her.

She always gets angry for no reason.

That day her mum asked me to help her buy stuff and since she said she was tired from school, so I picked her up and send her home first. But she get angry that I didn’t tell her that her mum asked me to help buy items and she felt that buying those stuff unnecessarily.

She argue with me and said that I don’t bother telling her what was happening and then she throw my items on the floor, and take scissors to cut the shirts that I owned. While picking up those items she threw on the floor, she was raising her voice until the whole building could hear the arguments.


Sometimes she loves to play “cold wars” with me for no reason, suddenly blocks me for hours/days then doesn’t want to pick up any calls/messages. She is allergic to crabs so when we eat, she insists on eating crabs but I said no. She was angry and then walked/dump me there while we were dining.

She is also angry that I don’t share salted eggs and potato chips with her when I ordered like a bulk of it and she probably ate like 90% of it and I eat probably like half a packet.

Saying how ” I don’t love her anymore, don’t cherish her anymore after we’re dating”. She said how in her family, what she wants to eat n etc, ppl will always ask her, share with her and they don’t snatch with her snacks to eat.

So one of the days, I requested her to walk the dog as I was busy with a presentation and since for the past few days, it was raining so the dog didn’t manage to be out of the house. She said I’m treating her like a maid, asking her to follow my order. She never touched dirty things in her life. for example, when the dog poops.

I’m always the one picking up the poops. In her family, she ate alr just dump the plate/bowl at the sink/basin, for someone in her family to wash. She also doesn’t tidy up her room, sweep floors and etc, was always me when i go her house to help her housekeeping her room.


She also has a bad habits of wasting money on unnecessary. She always like to go cinema to watch movies , probably like every week. But i’m the one paying for it since she doesn’t have any income. She also rant that i am unlike other ppl bf, buy for their gf accessories.

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