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A woman posted a photo on Facebook stating that she was harass by her Tada driver, who wanted her to take off her mask to see her face and even wanted to go up her house


Her encounter:

I booked a cab from my house to Balestier using Tada APP. And during the journey, this driver started asking me how old am’i and I asked him why? He said that I look young, so i told him I was 26.

And soon after he started asking me if the house that I stay is HDB rental or Purchased and if I’m staying alone. So I told him that it was rental and I stay with my kids.

He then proceed to ask me to remove my mask and I told him NO. I told him that I don’t want to remove my mask and there was no reason for me to remove my mask. He said that he just want to see my face without my mask on, he wants to know how exactly what I look like. I still refused and he carried on saying that now there’s no more Covid19 restrictions, and he has no covid, tell me don’t need to be afraid.

I told him I’m not afraid that if he has covid, but I’m just uncomfortable with it. He add on saying now outdoor u sure never wear mask de mah. I say, no la. I still got wear. He asked me further and say when you are eating, you wear mask?


I say that’s different. So he gave up and started another conversation again. He asked how’s the design of my house, how is the sound proof, where is my room, is my room near the main door of my house and is my neighbour’s unit near me?

I just told him that my neighbour unit is extremely near to me and I have a strong relationship with my neighbour. He asked if he could go up my house, I straight up tell, NO. are you crazy? He say why cannot?

Just go up, see see and go. I told him NO. (I immediately messaged my cousin as I’m afraid and informed her what happened and she told me that she will meet me at the roundabout) And then he kept quiet until we exit Balestier Road, he asked if i have a driving license?

I said no then he told me if i have any female friends that has driving license? I told him No again, and he say oh now a lot of females driving PHV. And when I reached my destination, I placed the amount of $19 on the Center console. My cousin and my aunt opened the door and confronted him asked him why did he tell me to remove my mask and even say that he wants to come up my house to have a look despite me saying no time after time? His explanation was that he didn’t see before HDB rental house, so he just wants to have a look and regarding about the mask, he just wants to have a look at me full face. He passed us back the $19 which we did not intend to take back at all.

And because the drop off point was a condo, in order not to obstruct other vehicles, and I was still afraid, we didn’t managed to video down.


I hope thru this platform, I’m able to get some advice from professional PHV drivers on what I should do next? I have tried calling TADA’s hotline but they are closed and I’ve already emailed them regarding about this too.

Lastly, I would like to create awareness to all female passengers regarding about this incident that happened to me.

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