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Saturday, November 26, 2022


My grandmother (GM) was kicked out of my aunt’s house went she caused so many marital problems my uncle threatened to divorce my aunt if she didn’t. She lived for a few years in a nursing home before the pandemic but during the pandemic there were tons of nursing home deaths so my aunt and mom got her out. I’m the oldest of my mother’s children so I got so much pressure to take care of my grandma during the pandemic.


I didn’t mind too much initially because the deal was I didn’t pay rent and lived with her to cook, clean and help her with her diabetes. I don’t know my GM well so I thought it might be a good bonding experience and I worked remote so it would be so bad. Well the first problem came when I told them I was bringing my dog. My GM freaked out telling me she would never let a filthy animal in her house. It was the one dealbreaker I had and I told my aunt or mom Oliver (my dog) had to come with but they never told my GM for fear of her reaction. I put my foot down saying if he isn’t coming I’m not either and I guess my GM gave up because she didn’t want to go back to the nursing home but she made Oliver’s life a living hell. She would scream at him every time she was him and I tried to keep them separate but she would demand I abandon him because she’s my GM. In the end I had no choice but to leave him with my friend temporarily because she was so unbearable.

Next was washing clothing, she demanded I wash all her clothing by hand and she had a washing machine but she would scream “you’re lazy!” at me if she catches me using it. She also wanted restaurant quality meals and throw sandwiches and cereal on the ground if she didn’t like it.

Finally she didn’t believe I worked because I work online (I’m an accountant) and she would yell at me during the middle of meeting for ignoring her when I told her I needed 30 min of peace to attend meeting. My boss told me many times to get her to stop doing that but she never listens.

She has diabetes that isn’t managed well and I tried to get her on a healthy diet but she screams and yells at me when she doesn’t get what foods she wants which cause huge sugar fluctuations which causes her ulcers on her feet to get worse and weep. It was hard to get Appointments to the doctor so I had to clean them and I am not qualified. When I persisted though the yelling and screaming her ulcers to maker her eat healthy her ulcers would get much better and start healing but in the end I gave up and let her eat anything she wanted so she would shut up but it made her blood sugars worse and her ulcers worse which I had to deal with.


So after almost 2 years of hell I got out and moved away. My GM is so mad because she expected I stay there looking after her until she passes. I told my mom and aunt I wasn’t doing that and they begged me to guilty me with the fact she was going to die alone at a nursing home.

I feel like a terrible person because I didn’t feel any guilt I just didn’t care after dealing with her for 2 years

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