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I am a property agent in Singapore, and I have a confession to make. I used to wear a Rolex watch to impress my clients, but it backfired on me. Here is my story.


I have been working as a property agent for over five years, and I have seen the ups and downs of the market. I have dealt with all kinds of clients, from first-time buyers to seasoned investors, from locals to foreigners, from budget-conscious to luxury-seeking. I have also faced a lot of competition from other agents, who are always trying to outdo each other in terms of service, knowledge, and professionalism.

I wanted to stand out from the crowd and make a good impression on my clients. I wanted to show them that I was successful, trustworthy, and reliable. I wanted to convince them that I was the best person to help them find their dream home or property. I wanted to earn their respect and loyalty.

So I decided to buy a Rolex watch. I had always admired the Rolex brand, which is synonymous with excellence, prestige, and quality. I had always dreamed of owning a Rolex watch, which is a symbol of status, wealth, and achievement. I thought that by wearing a Rolex watch, I could project a positive image of myself and my business. I thought that by wearing a Rolex watch, I could attract more clients and close more deals.

I spent a fortune on a Rolex Submariner, which is one of the most popular and iconic models of the brand. It cost me over S$18,000, which was more than half of my monthly income. But I thought it was worth it. I thought it was an investment. I thought it was a statement.


I was wrong. Wearing a Rolex watch did not help me in my career. In fact, it hurt me. It backfired on me. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It made me look arrogant and pretentious. Some of my clients were turned off by my Rolex watch, which they perceived as a sign of arrogance and pretentiousness. They thought I was showing off or trying to impress them. They thought I was overcharging them or taking a high commission. They thought I was not sincere or honest. They did not trust me or like me.
  • It made me look desperate and insecure. Some of my clients were suspicious of my Rolex watch, which they questioned as a sign of desperation and insecurity. They wondered why I needed to wear such an expensive watch, or if it was even real. They doubted my credentials and experience. They challenged my advice and recommendations. They did not respect me or listen to me.
  • It made me look out of touch and irrelevant. Some of my clients were indifferent to my Rolex watch, which they ignored as a sign of out of touch and irrelevant. They did not care about my watch, or any other accessories I wore. They cared about the properties I showed them, and the value I added to them. They cared about the market trends and the best deals. They did not appreciate me or follow me.

These were some of the reactions I got from my clients, who were not impressed by my Rolex watch. They were not influenced by my watch, or any other superficial factors. They were influenced by my performance, my personality, and my professionalism. They were influenced by my knowledge, my skills, and my service. They were influenced by my results, my testimonials, and my referrals.

I realized that wearing a Rolex watch was not a smart move for me as a property agent. It did not help me to build rapport, trust, or loyalty with my clients. It did not help me to generate leads, sales, or income. It did not help me to achieve my goals and dreams.

So I decided to sell my Rolex watch. I decided to focus on my core competencies and values as a property agent. I decided to invest in my education, training, and development. I decided to improve my communication, negotiation, and presentation. I decided to enhance my service, quality, and satisfaction.

And I am glad I did. I have seen a positive change in my career and my life. I have gained more confidence, respect, and recognition. I have attracted more clients, referrals, and repeat business. I have closed more deals, earned more commissions, and saved more money. I have achieved more success, happiness, and fulfillment.

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