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Raping his son’s ex-girlfriend


45 year old uncle rape a 11 year old girl, not once but many times for two years since 2012! This cause the 11 year old girl to commit suicide. To protect the victim, the rapist annot be named. The victim was his own son’s ex girl friend.

When the girl turn 12, he told the girl to send him naked photos. Later on using this photos to threaten that he will release this photos to the public if he does not comply with his sexual demands. His sexual demands on multiple occassions was not limited in hotels but in public places such as Pasir Ris Park, or in the parking lot.

Evidence has shown that the man meet up the girl in 2014 when she was 13 to force the girl to perform oral sex for 7 different occasions.

Singapore has strict law on sexual abuse and threaten. The legal age for sex is 16(with legal consent). The monster is liable for 20 years of jail bird time and alot of buttocks whipping time.