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Thursday, February 2, 2023


First and foremost, my most sincere of condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of the late Muhammad Ridzuan. It’s really sad that he had to go off this way. Despite the relentless efforts made by Mr Ravi and all of Ridzuan’s well-wishers, he wasn’t spared the gallows. Regardless of my race or religion, I feel extremely saddened by Ridzuan’s death. On this note, I feel that we should all reflect and learn much from this.



It’s very well known to everyone, that Singapore takes a strong stand against drugs and that the death penalty is in place for offenders. I’m not here to promote or preach the “laws and regulations” set by the government but I’m here typing this post out as a fellow human being. A human being whom was created by God and has been destined to be taken back by no one, except for God himself. Now coming back to Ridzuan and drugs, who should we blame? The heartless drug lords whom would go to the extremes without humanity, to push / sell drugs to make big money and ruin the lives of many? The drug couriers whom resort to such illegal activities to earn fast money to sort out their own financial woes? The drug addicts who turn to drugs, out of negative influences around them or to take themselves “away from their right state of mind” due to their own negative personal life situations? It’s really hard to blame any particular single one when we face such a vicious cycle of drugs possession / consumption / distribution.

Today, we lost Ridzuan because of drugs. Who else are we going to lose in the near future because of drugs? Yes, I know it’s easier said than done. But we don’t have a choice do we? This has been said by many but itt will not stop me from saying it again! Let’s all of us, please be there for our families, friends and loved ones. Please say no to drugs. Please do whatever you can do within your means to help those whom are already intoo drugs. Drugs does not just kills the one consuming it but it also destroys families! It destroys your future! Itt destroys your freedom! There has never been any success stories from anyone who has taken the path of drugss but ultimately it only takes you towards death and darkness. We cannot take things in our own hands and wee have no choice but to abide by the law and to cooperate with the law to wipe out drugs! You might not be in favour of the laws we have or the ways the laws are enforced but think about it, that very same law is what we have to save our loved ones from drugs. We can go all day blaming the law or the government for Ridzuan’s death but let’s not waste time or effort fighting or debating against the law or government. Humans established the governments and the laws. But God established your families and your love for them. Please do not be in a situation where we need to “beg” the law or government to help someone whom is in Ridzuan’s situation everr again! Instead, do all you can to ensure that your loved ones do not end up in such a situation by taking them away from drugs.


Everyone deserves a second chance in life. People do make mistakes and I think they should be punished. But they should be forgiven and given the opportunity for a second chance. We are human beings. For an offence which Ridzuan had committed when he was 25 years of age and for him to be hanged after 7 years is really a big heartbreak! Is there no chance of rehabilitation for a young Singaporean offender who was only 25 years of age and even then only a mere courier? In the past 7 years, I’m very sure that his time in prison would have made him self-reflect on his mistakes and it would have given him ample time to change, if he had wanted to. Iff the law had found him to be unrepentant or if he is deemed dangerous to the society, he could have been at least given life imprisonment. I have to certainly agree that the death sentence law has been deterring potential drug traffickers from committing the offence and the up-till-today hanging of offenders serves as a warning to potential drug traffickers. But can’t we come up with a better solution than this?

The government sets the laws against anyone committing/attempting suicide. You said that the law, deters the distressed from taking their own lives. Then you, impose the death penalty and take away the very same distressed person by taking away their lives? Now who or what gives you the right to take away a life whichh was given by God? Have you forgotten that your life would also be taken away one day? You say there’s nothing above the law but I say that there’s nothing above God! What’s the use of the yellow ribbon project? Are the Singapore prisons getting too crowded that you have to resort to the death penalty to reduce the population of the inmates? My intention here is not to challenge the government or the law but to humanely ask for the death penalty to be abolished. Please do something about this and please find a more humane solution to this. Let’s all not forget that we are answerable to God for our deeds. We shall all face death one day but let’s face it naturally.



It’s definitely a must to appreciate and thank Mr Ravi for fighting till the last moment of Ridzuan’s death. In a country filled with keyboard warriors, I’m proud that this one man stood out to help with no fear or negative influences. He stood for what he believed in and he stood tall and strong for Ridzuan. Thank you Mr Ravi. Youu did your best and I really appreciate it much.

It’s only during difficult times like these when you get to know whom are the true friends around you. Ridzuan’s friend, Abdul Haleem, whom escaped the gallows narrowly, told Justice Tay Yong Kwang: “If you are sparing myy life and not sparing his life, I’d rather go down with him.” Now this guy, let it be that he was part of an offence or he did wrong. He has to be a true friend whom we all hoped to have. Even in the line between life and death, he voiced out in such a manner and hoped that his friend would be equally sentenced. How many of us would have even dared to say such in such a situation? Think about it.

** This is a self typed post and it isn’t a copy & paste post as I’m not a fan of forwarded messages.

** I am aware and I’m prepared to face positive/negative feedbacks in regards to this post. I’m not afraid to voice out my opinions and neither do I live my life to please anyone whom only wishes to read what they would like to read.

** This is my freedom of speech and I don’t have a tiny bit of concern of offending anyone. If I don’t get to have my freedom of speech then I don’t see why I have to remain in this country.


** My ultimate agenda behind this post is to create an awareness against drugs and it’s dangers, in particularly to youngsters.

** At no point is of my intention to fight, rebel or debate against the government. I have more important and better things to do in life than to waste my time doing that. Before we clean the country, let’s clean our own homes.

** I can’t change the world but I hope that this post atleast changes or guides someone.
— feeling heartbroken.

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