Source: Luklue amulets

A video was recently uploaded by Facebook user Luklue amulets who stated on how a self-proclaimed “holyman” cheated a customer when he sold him a “magic ring” which was believed to have “magical and mystical” powers. It was also believed that the stone on the ring had a “magical spirit” which would give the wearer luck. The ring was sold to the customer for $300-$400 but the customer got a shock when he saw the exact same ring being sold on Lazada for $12.

Here is the full story.

Please Help Share. Babaji from PPOS Pirab occult specialist assaulting his dissatisfied customer (who became AJ Faidum devotee) after sharing his bad experience online.

According to the victim, he purchased a fake Khodamic stone ring from PPOS for $300-400. PPOS claim that the stone is rare and contain jinn / khodam. He later saw the exact same stone being sold at Lazada for $12. He also later found that many other stones advertised by PPOS at a high price said to be rare, magical stones that contain jinn were also exactly the same as those found on Lazada for a very cheap price. He felt cheated and confronted PPOS about it they refuse to give him a refund.

After sharing his bad experience online victim started receiving threatening messages from Babaji (assaulter) saying that he would smash victim’s face if he sees him, calling him a “pukimak” etc etc and challenging victim to meet him.

On the same day when victim got attacked, Babaji from PPOS went down to victim’s block to look for him to “talk”. Victim told him to meet at 169 Stirling road AJ FAIDUM block as he was also meeting aj there.

Babaji turned up with 5-6 guys and immediately assaulted the victim / customer while he was off guard, giving him a sucker-punch and continued to punch him when he lost balance and fall. If can be seen in the first 1-2 second of the video. Afterwards the police arrive. Thankfully AJ FAIDUM was not harmed.

This is not the first incident involving PPOS. If one were to search online about them, they have a very bad reputation for cheating, harassing and threatening customers. We also have many of their customers who came forward, sharing with us how they have been cheated, harassed and threatened when PPOS was being confronted.

If BABAJI from Phra Pirab Occult Specialist wants to settle a dispute with his dissatisfied customer, why must he bring 5-6 people along. He also threatened the victim / customer that he would smash his face before the incident. This clearly shows that all along he had the intention to cause harm to the victim and by bringing 5-6 of his friends along clearly shows that he wanted to intimidate the victim.

I am sharing this because this is not a righteous thing to do coming from a person who claims to be a spiritual guru. I believe it is of the amulet community’s interest to be aware of such obnoxious behaviour from a dealer and hopefully avoid / boycott them. When a dealer goes to the extent to assault a dissatisfied customer after he believe that he got cheated, they should clarify and settle it with him in a civil manner instead of resorting to threats and physical abuse.

This is not the first case of customers being abused by PPOS. We have many screenshots from others who came forward as well. We sincerely hope that everyone can share this post and hope the authority can take action.


Source: Luklue amulets