This is a true story on how a Malaysian became a Singapore PR, took advantage of the system and retired in Malaysia as a rich man.

Singaporeans normally mock Malaysia BOLEH! However the Malaysians have the last laugh on bodoh Singaporeans.

A Malaysian mocking the Singapore Govt’s generosity.

*Confession of non domesticated Malaysian (CONDOM) – Use and Discard.*

I studied in NUS. Tuition paid for by Singapore government. All’s well ends well and I started working here. But I’d never given up my native country, Malaysia. I know law of diminishing return will hit Singapore one day, not now but soon enough.

I’ve my plans I’ve charted my life journey all thanks to the education this country had generously provided me. They thought I can be bought but they’re going to receive the shorter end of the stick. I’d gotten my Employment Pass so Permanent Resident next. But this is as far as I will go. I’ll apply for a heavily subsidised housing development board flat, use the CPF to pay for the instalments and hopefully be mortgage-free soonest possible.

Marrying a Malaysia graduate wife and having two kids in tow means I enjoy all the grants and coverage. From time to time I’ll apply for those skill upgrade fund to beef up my résumé. Job hopping isn’t my cup of tea albeit I’ll be highly sought after since companies dont need to exhaust quota to employ me.

Across the border I’ll hedge my funds with numerous purchases of sub-RM1m houses (yes, not apartments). At 1 to 3 exchange rate, the world is my oyster. My children are born here so they’ll simply enjoy cheap school fees, world class level education and mingle with Singaporeans kids. But I’ll never let them forget their roots by bringing them back to my home town, sharing with them my plans and ready them for their future.

Time flies and my son’s conscription is looming. I’m not going to let him waste precious youth serving Singapore’s national service of course. I simply give up my Permanent Residency and revert to Employment Pass, again. Decided to send him abroad for his studies since the unsubsidised school fees in NUS or NTU is no indifferent to UK’s or US’.

Graduation day and my son flies back to the land he was born. Freshly minted graduate with sparkling results he’d gotten a job in no time. And before long he’s offered Permanent Residency just like his old man I. Silver years are meant for enjoying the fruits of my years of labourious hardwork, quality time with my wife and travelling around the world.

Only daft Singaporeans will work beyond their shelf life, picking cardboard and scrapping for their next meal. Withdrawing my entire CPF for I’ve no intention to collect the miserably low interest, divesting my now-million-worth HDB flat (I’d upgraded along the way to maximise my penny-worth) and I pack up and return to my home town, Penang, whereby I can enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea.

While on flight I coincidentally met a Chinese National who almost shared an identical story like mine, only she’s spending a short vacation in my home town before retiring to her motherland. We shared our stories, laugh heartily of Singapore government unilateral and wishful thinking and we literally laugh all the way to the bank.

Source : Gilbert Louis Facebook Page