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Monday, September 25, 2023

Singapore Girl Said Guy Go NS Is Nothing!!!

woman-rant-ns-singapore_1Dear Singapore Uncensored,


This RJC elite girl Tian uploaded an offensive video in which she mocked Singaporeans guys for serving NS and making such a fuss about it. The video was uploaded to her instagram account yesterday and after receiving bad feedback, she removed the video but did not apologize

Lucky for her she is born in this generation, if she was born 100 years ago she would be someone’s wife by now, washing clothes by the river and carrying babies around with her husband smacking her face from time to time.
She is fortunate too that her parents are able to provide for her, that’s why she is able to talk big. Her parents are fortunate too because they are able to work in peace in a country that is safe and peaceful. The country is safe and peaceful because she is guarded by her Armed Forces, which she does not seem to appreciate.

She’s a product of extreme feminism tilting over to LGBT. First they complain they are unfairly treated compared to the males, then they ask for equal treatment, then they ask for equal opportunities, then they start to challenge the males, next pick someone of the same sex, finally they look down on the male population and start their insults over them…wow…she has graduated and reached the other side of the fence. Congratulations! But that also means she has successfully dislodged herself from nature’s calling of her to be a wife and mother and turned herself into something abnormal.

Submitted By Ah Siao

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