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Singapore Lifts – No display of maintenance required?


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Following the recent incidents of a maid that was trapped in the lift for an hour. One would suspect are the lifts really being maintained.

Residents at the incident area, mention that they felt unsafe prior to this incident. Then why did no one report till this incident has happened?

Although the maid is safe, what if the lift did not shot up, but shot down instead?

Many of you might be thinking when you take the lift and feel that you have never seen the maintenance guy for the past 10 years staying at your HDB.

Only when the lifts breakdown you will see someone repairing. If you guys have notice, in the lift. There is no longer a requirement to display a maintenance log in the lifts, you would see “Certificate of maintenance is no longer required to be displayed in the lift “bla bla bla” will ensure that the lifts are maintain. “.

But at the same time, users of the lift have to report to town council if they felt that the elevator was not in proper working conditions. Please be vigilant safe your life and prevent tragedies.