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Singapore Parcel Scam. “Pay admin fee to receive parcel”


123Singapore News – 62-year-old lady got a call from a overseas number to say that a package for her had been “confined by outside govt agencies” and she needed to dispatch an “authoritative expense” or “admin fee” of US$5,660 (S$7,800) so it could be conveyed to her.

She drew nearer Mrs Richelle Ang at Western Union who found that a man the lady got to know online had guaranteed to send her profitable things including a jewel ring and a portable workstation.

Fortunately Mrs Ang, a senior client administration officer for the settlement organization, had been prepared to spot bundle tricks and averted what could have been an exorbitant error. She got an thank you letter from the police last Friday for her activities.

“Scammers want you to act before you think. Your job is to think before you act

To anyone reading this, please let your friends and family know. Prevention is always better.