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Why Are So Many Singaporean’s Against PRC/FT?

A recent article posted online about FT(Foreign Talents) that do not speak English should not be working in Singapore.


Singapore News – PRC also know as People Republic of China. The acronym has been made popular online by Singaporeans. Let’s find out why are so many.

Comments collected from online sources:

“Maybe your father who don’t speak good English should be the one standing in the hot sun building your houses”

Now we have many workers (not only Bangladesh)  from different countries working as construction workers in Singapore. Most of them speak basic English.

“So the old pioneer generation should not be working in Singapore because they don’t speak English? Come on, use your brain before you post anything online”

This is so true! Many of the older generation only speak in their mother tongue like Bahasa Melayu or Mandarin.


“Honestly speaking, I don’t have any good impression of those China PRC guys, they stare at you, talk so loud and rough, and if they are in a group, better don’t disturb them cause they behave like gangster when they are in a group”

To be fair… Their culture is different.

1111“my husband has cheated on me with his PRC mistress and now he even abandon me and our 3 young kids….”

blah blah blah we know the story…
(picture for illustration purpose)




Whether you like it or not there will be FT’s in Singapore. There are many jobs most Singaporean’s wont take up, especially in the service industry, such as waiter,waitress,cleaner,room attendant… etc. Many Singaporean’s are not willing to serve in this kind of jobs. Therefore,local companies have no choice but to hire foreigners.

How does this impact Singapore’s hiring trends?

Some would say:

“Employ Foreign More Cheap, Come Here Spoil Market”

“They took our jobs!!!”


This is true and not true at the same time. 


Foreign worker levy

The foreign worker levy, is a pricing mechanism to regulate the number of foreign workers in Singapore.

The levy liability will start from the day the Temporary Work Permit or Work Permit is issued, whichever is earlier. It ends when the permit is cancelled or expires.

As an employer, you don’t have to pay Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions for foreign workers. However, you must pay a monthly levy for Work Permit holders.

Dependency ceiling

A dependency ceiling, or quota, is the maximum ratio of foreign workers to the total workforce that a company in a given sector can employ.

Many are not aware that there is additional cost and laws to follow before hiring a foreigner.


Conclusion. Why Many Singaporean’s are against FT’s?

To make this simple…

  • Jobs
  • Language and Culture
  • Over sensitive and intolerant people
  • Cheating Husband/Wifes?

I’m not a FT, Just some neutral thoughts Thank you for reading!


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