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Monday, October 2, 2023

Singapore Woman Raped 3 Times In 20 Mins

1111In a range of 20 minutes, a 26-year-old man purportedly assaulted a 24-year-old lady three times at three diverse spots along a stretch of street from Martin Road to River Valley Close, in the small hours of Chinese New Year’s Eve in 2013.


The lady’s torn underwear were later discovered strewn among vegetation at the principal area, while the zipper of her blood-recolored dress was observed to be removed.

Calling it a “shameless case”, prosecutors yesterday continued against Singaporean Lim Choon Beng, now 30, on three checks of assault, three numbers of rape and one tally of shock of unobtrusiveness.

Lim, who is in remand, argued not liable and is challenging every one of the seven charges in a trial planned for eight days in the High Court.

He guarantees he doesn’t recollect his activities. He is guarded by Mr Anand Nalachandran under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme.


The first to take the stand is the charged casualty, a performing craftsman from China, who affirmed in secret. A court request banishes her personality from being made open. The Straits Times comprehends she quit working here after the occurrence however returned for the trial.

Delegate Public Prosecutor Lin Yinbing told the court in her opening address that the casualty, now 27, will give a record of how she was waylaid in the city on Feb 9, 2013.

Lim professedly attacked and assaulted her at 3.15am in Martin Road before the Watermark apartment suite. After ten minutes, he professedly assaulted and sexually struck her before the Robertson 100 apartment suite. At around 3.35am, he purportedly assaulted and sexually struck her close light post number 16 along River Valley Close.

Witnesses lined up to affirm for the arraignment incorporate an autonomous onlooker who called the police subsequent to seeing Lim on top of the crying lady, a driver who grabbed and drove her looking for a police headquarters, and a companion of the asserted casualty who got a call from her while she was in the auto, letting him know she had been assaulted.

The arraignment will likewise submit criminological confirmation to demonstrate its case. The DPP told the court that Lim’s DNA was found on the lady’s bra, her blood was found on his garments, and soil was found on their garments.


The most extreme discipline for every number of assault and rape is 20 years’ correctional facility, and in addition caning or a fine. The trial proceeds with today.

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