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Sister tells disabled brother to sell his flat and move in with her, then goes back on words to chase him out after taking his money and insurance payout, leaving him nowhere to shift to.


I am neither the sister nor the brother, I am just a friend. The brother got into a car accident around 10 years ago, and is paralyzed from chest down.

He has been staying at his sister’s house for the past few years, in the living room of her maisonette, which has a balcony where he can get bathed by his caretaker. He actually had a HDB, but because his medical supplies are expensive, he wanted to sell the flat. Before selling the flat, he asked his sister, like “you sure I can sell the flat?”. The sister said sure of course you can stay here. So, he sold the flat. Fast forward just few months after he sold the flat, the sister said he had to leave. She says that because of him, her family doesn’t have a living room anymore, and she has to do her work with a low chair as her table (she does not want to do her work on the dining table because the height of the table does not match her sitting position), she says she has been “looking forward to paint her living room walls”.

Also, because he travels around in a motorized wheelchair, when he comes back to the house, it leaves dirt on the floor that apparently the maid does not clean well. Because of these reasons, she wants him out of the house. The brother has been unemployed, for obvious reasons. You might ask, then just buy another flat right? Nope. The sister had been in control of his bank account because he trusted her to take care of his finances after receiving his insurance payout, but she has been taking his money for years without him knowing.

It was only this year that he found out. She took 200k+ from him to help pay for a property overseas, and as of now, yet to fully return him. She had also been deducting money as rent and utilities without telling him about it. She has also been wasting his money, around 20k, on unnecessary things like geomancy. The sister says that the brother has sufficient money in his bank & CPF to buy a flat.


Sure, but if he buys a flat, he really wouldn’t have enough money to sustain his life, given that he is unemployed. He needs to buy food, medical supplies, money for caretaker… It would literally deplete all his savings. He has also been unable to rent a flat, either under HDB or elsewhere. HDB, because he is ineligible due to the regulations.

Homeowners, upon hearing that he is disabled, don’t want to rent to him. Even if he were so lucky to be able to rent outside, it would be expensive, same as the reasons stated few sentences above. Take note, she actually has an unoccupied room on the second floor of the maisonette because her daughter had moved out after getting married. I felt that if she wanted to, she could make the room a living room for themselves since they are physically able to climb to the second floor. She can get a table in that room that matches her height since that’s so important to her. I really don’t understand how one can be so cruel to chase a disabled sibling out of the house.

To me, the problem all started when she guaranteed him a place to stay and letting him sell his house. Who would have thought that she would suddenly backtrack on her words? After all, they are siblings, why is she so cruel? I want to know if any of you reading this have another perspective to help me understand why she thinks it is okay to do all this. Also, if anyone could see if there are any actions he could possibly take legally in this situation.

Thank you for reading.

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