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A few days ago our daughters (4 year old, 1 year old and the baby just turned 5 months old) went to my sister in law’s house and we had a night just for the two of us and well, we had some fun and without realizing it I left a hickey on my (27F) husband’s (41M) neck and as a joke he gave me one too, and it was in a very visible place so i covered mine with foundation and tried to cover his so no one would see it but he is darker than me and the foundation didnt work so we obviously failed, and the next day when we went to pick up the girls my sister-in-law saw the hickey on his neck even though he didn’t even get out of the car and she started joking about it.


She started telling him to stop acting like a teenager, that we already have three daughters and one on the way (I’m currently pregnant) and that he’s really old for that stuff, and when he told her to shut up because I don’t like to talk about it she just joked telling me to stop acting like a teenager too, because it’s not good for the baby. I just ignored her as much as I could but that wasn’t enough because two days later we went to my in-laws house for my mother in law’s birthday and everyone was like “here come the teenagers of the family” and I could have died of embarrassment that day, I hate when people make jokes about intimate things.

Husband just said to ignore them that in a few days they will forget but but I couldn’t, I was so embarrassed. They literally made jokes like “Next time the kids come here I hope you guys don’t make a new baby, oh I forgot you did that a few months ago.” and they even joked that I should learn to cover my hickeys in another way because the way I do it now obviously doesn’t work.

And it’s not like we went to the birthday party with hickeys on our necks, my sister-in-law saw them when we went to pick up our daughters a few days ago and they’re making jokes based on what she told them.

The point is that when they said something like that for my husband’s birthday they should give him condoms I felt really embarrassed and I burst into tears, maybe it’s the hormones I don’t know I just know that I was crying and that my husband told them to shut up and stop saying those things because they obviously don’t make me feel comfortable. And they said they were joking (and also said something like those were jokes between adults or something like that) and that it wasn’t their intention to make me feel uncomfortable.


And after that the atmosphere changed and I feel like it was my fault because I overreacted when I could have just ignored them. And I would like to apologize to my mother-in-law for ruining her birthday, but I don’t know if that would be right.

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