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A netizen shared how she had a friend who kept hearing voices and eventually, one night, she heard the same voice talking to her in her head.


Here is the story

So I’ve only told this story to a handful of people because it is still kind of shocking to me that I experienced this. So this is my first attempt at writing this story down.

So a few years ago, I befriended a girl who had a really troubled past. She was really mentally unstable but she was very kind to me so I would keep her company.

After only being a friend of hers for a few months something terrible happened to the both of us. It was traumatic and affected us both greatly but I soon recovered from it and stayed by her side as she dealt with it.

What happened to me would have never happened if I was not her friend but I never held that against her because why would I? I believed she didn’t mean to hurt me. This is all context that will make the larger story make sense.


After what we experienced, we became closer because we went through it together. I guess kind of like a trauma bond. So we begin to spend more time together.

Time passes and I begin sensing something supernatural about her. She began to show me her different personalities & at times, her tone of voice would drastically change too. It was strange but it didn’t scare me because I have a solid spiritual foundation and felt protected.

She was just a very intense person to be around and she would even tell me she heard voices and was able to do supernatural things.

I honestly didn’t believe her and thought she was in some kind of psychosis or was schizotypal. I still lent a hand out for support towards her because I felt bad for her. She also always made it clear that she felt a presence around her.

One day she was sitting on my bed, in a manic episode that she would regularly get into and she screamed “I am god” and the lights in my room turned off.


I knew instantly that whatever just happened was evil.

That same night, I went to sleep terrified and exhausted from being around her energy. I woke up the next morning to see the bundle of incense sticks I lit on my table on the floor. My bedroom rug had about a 5 cm deep hole from the incense burning through it. I was in shock, how could it be flung to the ground like that while on fire?

It didn’t make any logical sense and I realized my room could have caught on fire while I was asleep. I almost stopped being her friend that day but the next day she begged to see me and told me how grateful she was to be around me. Again, I felt bad for her.

A few months passed and l experienced a few other things being around her like suddenly being able to hear people’s angry thoughts around me even though they weren’t talking.

Strangely, their physical actions reflected what I was hearing. I really thought I was going crazy. I still kept being around her because it appeared that her energy was calming down and things were looking better for her but I should have known.

All of this leads up to the experience I’ve been most perplexed by.

I began to feel a presence in the apartment and; it wasn’t a happy one. I began feeling uncomfortable alone and when I would express to her how I was feeling she would reassure me that I wasn’t alone and she had always felt the same.

That didn’t make me feel better but at least I knew I wasn’t alone. One day we had come home from a party and we both went to our rooms to sleep. I was in bed relaxing drifting to sleep when my roommate’s voice began to fill my room.

I still don’t know if the voice was actually in my room or in my head but I remember being confused and thinking “why can I hear her so loudly wtf”. Then all of the sudden, her voice changed into this nasty scary screeching sound that I immediately knew was a demon.

While it was happening, I remember doing some kind of mental defense against it. After a few minutes, it suddenly stopped. It was so surreal, I sat there replaying what happened over and over again. It was like the demon was mimicking her voice to reel me in and when it realized I was actually listening to it, it began screeching and speaking in a language I couldn’t understand.


We eventually went our separate ways, she was constantly having unexplainable bad things happen to her and she even turned on me and; went as far to tell me that I ruined her life and brought terrible things upon her which I knew wasn’t true it was just the evil/guilt speaking out of her.

She did some other really horrible things that hurt me but I truly believe it was a demon or negative energy that was making her snap towards everyone that cared for her.

She did that to everyone in her life that expressed love to her. I always sensed she was going through an intense internal battle within her and at times, the evil would win.

Since exiting my life, I haven’t experienced the negativity I felt around her, stop feeling scared, and stopped hearing voices. I’m curious if anyone else has lived with or been around someone that has a negative attachment and if it has affected them in the way it did to me.

So interesting that I was able to tap into a psychic ability being around her. I may just be sensitive to it since I’ve experienced paranormal events since being a child.

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