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A woman shared how she told her boyfriend “no need do so much la” for their marriage proposal, and when he did exactly that, she’s unhappy about it.


Here is the story:

To the writer of #101568, I’m in the same situation! So quite some time back my bf asked how I’d like my ring/proposal/wedding to be.

I told him “save money, no need do so much la”. He actually looked very happy when I said that and I probably should have taken it as a red flag.

I mean, I can’t just say directly that I want XYZ, right.

A couple weeks back, he then proposed to me…with flowers, and without even getting down on one knee.


I was so shocked I could barely even say yes, though I did because it would be way too awkward if I didn’t.

When I asked about wedding, he had not even planned anything and just wanted to keep everything simple.

I know I said “no need do so much” but I didn’t expect LITERALLY NOTHING. Can’t guys read between the lines sometimes?

It was incredibly disappointing and I may even have to be the one who foots the bill for the wedding things I want.

I can’t believe a proposal is something that can be taken this lightly, but I guess it’s something that I’ll have to get over in time.


Netizens comments

  • Later he buy ring and propose, you kpkb and say i thought i told you i want it simple and no need do too much? If now he do this, then you kpkb say read between the lines.
    No matter what he do, also kpkb. Communicate properly la. Read what between the lines. Diu lei
  • Honestly, ask you what you want, you say don’t want. Then when you don’t get, you complain he didn’t give.If each time your No was a Yes, then when is your No a No?
    Don’t entrap men. They are simple creatures. I think it’s very good that they even bother to ask you rather than try to guess and make stuff up as they go along
  • Can’t girls just be more direct? Why keep expecting the guys to read between the lines? I as a female, can’t understand you this kind of females. Really pity your guy
  • When he asked you what you wished for you should have just told him. If you’re not even sure yourself, think about it and get back to him later.
    You are the red flag. He asked a question and you choose to play mind games with him. And who says you couldn’t ask for what you want?
    What’s with the issue about getting down on one knee? You had the chance to tell him prior and you didn’t. Don’t compare with those TV drama or new articles or social media proposals.
    All these actions don’t guarantee a successful and happy marriage.Why are you expecting him to plan and pay for the entire wedding? You have no savings? You’re not working?
    Marriage is also a partnership. Future finances after marriage you expect him to let his money is your money while your money is your money?
    Men can’t read between the lines. Don’t play mind games with him.
  • You know what’s the secret to a blissful marriage?Communicate exactly what you want. Men are not mind readers.
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