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Special Shifu Ward Off Evil By Raping Singapore Woman

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(image above for illustration, not the rapist…)


A 49-year-old so called profound “expert” on Tuesday (March 22) conceded assaulting a 35-year-old lady who had looked for assistance from him to dispose of “apparitions” in her level.

Ow Siew Hoe, otherwise called Ow-Yong Siew Hoe, will be sentenced at a later date as his attorney is sitting tight for different medicinal reports to make his alleviation request.

The High Court heard that in February 2014, the lady, a Malaysian who is hitched to a Singaporean, started to trust that there were apparitions in her level, particularly after her pets began carrying on curiously.

The business collaborator suspected that the extraordinary vicinity might have something to do with her dad in-law and his better half, who moved into the level the earlier month.


She counseled a tarot card peruser, who affirmed her suspicions and cautioned her not to eat sustenance given to her by her dad in-law and sweetheart.

After the tarot understanding, she stayed uncomfortable and trusted in her spouse, however he was distrustful. She looked for guidance from her relative, who advised her that her sister knew an “intense expert” – Ow – who can help her.

On Feb 20, 2014, subsequent to checking her level and requesting the floor plan to break down the fengshui, Ow advised her there were “messy things” in the level yet he could offer her some assistance with getting free of them.

Throughout the following couple of days, Ow called the lady, advising her that the matter was turning out to be more genuine and convinced her to go to his level to gather “defensive” things.

On the evening of Feb 25, 2014, when she went to his Bukit Batok level, Ow advised the lady to drink some “blessed water”. When she encountered uneasiness, he said the “sacred water” was working.


As the lady got to be tired and jazzed, Ow drove her to a room, removed her garments and assaulted her. She attempted to push him away however she was excessively feeble, making it impossible to do as such.

After the assault, the lady met her spouse for supper yet did not let him know what happened as she was confounded. That night, she called Ow and asked him for what valid reason he had assaulted her.

Ow advised her that he had battled with two apparitions in her level and hurt them. He asserted that he needed to utilize his sperm to spare the phantoms as the lady and her spouse would somehow or another pass on. He advised her that he was compelled to assault her.

In the wake of hanging up the telephone, the lady pointed the finger at herself for her idiocy and felt embarrassed about what had happened.

The following day, Ow called her and advised her to erase confirmation of the telephone calls between them. However, she didn’t.

On Feb 27, in the wake of conversing with a few companions, she made a police report. Ow was captured the following day.

Hints of Dormicum, a dozing pill, was found on a stone pestle and mortar in his level. Packs of Xanax, a narcotic, were additionally seized from his level.

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