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This incident took place recently in 2023 when I stayed in a chalet with my family for 1 night. This chalet is not in Changi or Pasir Ris and nowhere near the east side of Singapore. I am not going to disclose the location either!


There were a few villas that we could choose but we picked just the normal villa since it is just for one night. We reached there around 1pm and to be honest, I already felt weird.

The villa that was given to us was far from the other villas and it was beside this forested area. For some weird reason, my grandma immediately said this when we arrived , “If anything you see or hear, don’t say anything”.

Even though it is weird to me, it is sort of normal for malay families to say this because we do not want to attract the attention of those things.

We started to decorate the chalet for my sister’s birthday party – setting up the balloons and unpack our stuff. At about 4pm, some of our cousins started coming for the party and my mum realised we do not have enough ice for all the guest.


So, I was asked to go to the nearby supermarket to buy the ice. When I was leaving the chalet, I have to walk out through the carpark and there was this man standing there just looking at my villa.

I did not have any thoughts so I just walked towards him since I have to walk past him to leave the compound.

When I walked past him, he asked me whether my family is staying there and I just nodded. Suddenly, he said to me “Be careful ah. This place quite active if you know what I mean. Especially your villa.”

I got creeped out so I faked a smile and made my way. When I came back with the ice packs, I noticed the man is now looking into the bushes behind our villa and he was just acting weird but still I chose to ignore him.

We had a total of 15-20 pax there around 7pm and everyone was having fun, nothing scary or whatever. That’s when the same man appeared again.


I was at the bbq with one of my cousins while the rest of our relatives were inside enjoying the air con and chit chatting.

He approached us at the bbq and said “Don’t stay outside for too long. There’s a grave here”. Our reactions was like “Wtf?”.

We just thought that he was a psycho and choose to join the family inside just to be safe you know. Still, nothing happened and all the guest went home at around 12am.

My grandma, parents and siblings have already washed up by 1230am and I was the last one since I was still eating the catered food.

I totally forgot about the psycho guy and was eating alone outside near the bbq pit. That’s when the disturbance start.

I heard someone calling me in the bushes that the man was pointing out, “psst…psst….” . Initially, I ignored it but suddenly I heard a faint cry from the same direction.

That was my last straw and ran up to the bedroom to sleep without even washing up. Thankfully, nothing else happened to me that night but when we reached home, that was when everyone started sharing their experience.

Firstly, my grandma said that she saw a woman staring at us in the forested area when we first reached and that’s the reason she said what she said.

She described the woman as a faceless being. My mum then said that when she was showering, she heard the same faint cry as me at around the same timing.

Nothing happened to my siblings but my dad shared that when he went to smoke near the forested area, he constantly felt someone caressing his hair and when he left that area, he heard someone called out his name…


After that day, my family and I decided that we would not longer book that chalet anymore. The first and the last. Do you know where is this place…

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