A Singaporean man stated on Facebook how he and his wife caught their maid in their master bedroom with their children watching tv in the living. The husband and wife devised a plan to catch their maid and her alleged boyfriend in the act as they had their suspicion for a period of time.

Here was what he stated in his Facebook post.

Read somewhere abt the foreign workers possibly passing the virus to the domestic workers, because the 2 groups always hang out together, some are boyfriend girlfriend. This reminded me of our own family experience few yrs ago, when we caught our helper red handed with a foreign worker at our home. Having a bit of time with HBL now, so contributing this for reading pleasure 😊 It’ll be madness once school and work restarts!!

Our helper then was with us for about 1 year. Her attitude and behavior was generally quite ok, and we depended quite a lot on her for our 2 kids, especially on weekends cos hubby is in the utilities sector and I’m in retail so weekend shifts are unavoidable. She would usually take her off day on a weekday, depending on our schedules. She had earned our trust so we had no problem with her taking care of our kids at home, even bringing them downstairs to play.

Then she started asking if she could take her off day on every Sunday instead, because her relative had just arrived in Singapore to work also, and she wanted to spend more time with the relative who was only available on Sundays (we later knew this to be a total lie). Of course it was not easy for hubby and me. After her asking several times, and in consideration of her satisfactory performance, we compromised with her that if either of us could swop out our Sunday slot for that week, we would give her that Sunday off, but it would only be maximum 1 to 2 times per month. We are so soft-hearted and nice employers right?

This arrangement went on for about 4 – 5 months, and hubby was the one who managed to swop out his Sundays more. One night, we were just playing with our kids in the room when my elder one started touching his sister in a very funny way. I shall not go into details here, and you can imagine yourself. We were just shocked, and just kept asking him why are you doing this, where did you learn it from? Until my elder one started to cry and said he saw “zeh zeh”( how we taught him to call our helper) doing it with “gor gor”. Gor Gor? I looked at hubby and hubby looked at me. You mean our helper brought another man home? Cannot be right, this kind of thing really happen to us? But you know, kids really have very good memory. We managed to dig out from our elder one which day (on Sundays when both hubby and me are working) our helper brought the man home, roughly what time (usually straight after lunch, when she would put my girl to sleep and let my elder one watch his favourite cartoons on tv). The man would come, and sometimes they would “touch here touch there” in the living room before going into the master bedroom and close the door (YES MASTER BEDROOM!! OUR ROOM!! OUR WEDDING BED!!). Everytime the man would bring chocolates or fries for my elder one. And kids are also really gullible. My elder one really believed ”gor gor” was coming to clean papa mama’s room, if not there would be roaches and spideys everywhere, and if he told papa mama then next time he cannot come anymore and also no more chocolates and fries for him. OMG. We guessed this had been going on for 1 month or even 2 months at least.

So what we did next? No we didn’t confront her immediately, though that was what I wanted to do. The rational one aka hubby suggested we try to catch them red handed, so that its easier to terminate her immediately for serious misconduct. And no in case you are wondering, we didn’t have cctv in our home at that time. The rest of the week we pretended nothing happened (not so easy for me!), just waiting for the Sunday to come, where we were supposed to be “working”. Actually, hubby managed to take urgent half day off that day, and I managed to convince my colleague to swop the Sunday with me for next month.

So Sunday came, as usual we went to “work” in the morning, telling our helper that we would be home in the evening as usual. Hubby really went to work but only for AM, and I just went town to hang out, thinking of how I would react later. How will the man look like? Will it be drama like those on tv? What if he fought back? Should we call 999 ask police on standby?
I met hubby downstairs when his work finished, and waited for awhile till we knew the kids should be asleep after lunch. When we reached our house, tadah~~~ there was really a pair of unfamiliar slippers outside the door. We were so filled with adrenaline that we did not call the police. We really should have, what if that man and our helper fought back and worse, harm the kids? We opened the door and rushed in, and there was my elder one watching tv in the living room. And then, tadah again, our helper came out of the master bedroom with a man. They were fully dressed, so not sure was before or after the deed, but our helper had that semi OMG look on her face. The man actually had the cheek to smile at us. He looked like an Indian or bangladesh. Actually he was quite good looking, like some Bollywood actor lol. He didn’t say anything else and quickly left the house. Hubby and me were just standing there, not really knowing what to say other than glare at our helper. Like I said, luckily nothing bad or violent happened.

Long story cut short, she admitted everything to us. She met the man via another maid, and they started dating on Sundays when they were off. We didn’t really ask her what they did in the master bed room, guess we all know. We terminated her contract, gave her a few days to pack her stuff, and managed to book a budget flight back to her hometown. We could have asked her to pay for the flight because of serious misconduct, but we were scared to make things too ugly. After all, she was still taking care of our kids and knew where we stay. But we were also very angry with her. After all, we had treated her not bad and thought she was a good woman, even trying to adjust our work schedules. I felt so lousy, like how could she make use and lie to us like this. Now I know why my friends always say don’t believe everything your helper tells you, even if it seems to be true and they really pitiful. Haiz

So yeah, the whole thing was not as drama as you may think. Whenever I imagined what they were doing in the master bedroom, on OUR BED, IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. No we didn’t change the bed (just not worth it!) but gave the bedsheet, pillow cases, mattress protector a GOOD washing and disinfecting. And yes, we still have a helper now, and now with cctv in the house. And we make it a point not to be too friendly to her, in case she takes advantage like the previous one.

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