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In a Facebook post that has gained attention, Singaporean man Mac Seah shares a distressing experience involving his car and a workshop in Kuala Lumpur. Seah alleges intimidation, humiliation, and unauthorized repairs in a situation that has left his vehicle deemed unsafe for driving.


The Unfolding Events

Mac Seah took to social media, promising to document the events surrounding his car, which he claims was crashed by the workshop. In a compressed video shared with the public, Seah highlights the facts surrounding the incident, aiming to raise awareness about his alleged mistreatment.

According to Seah’s account, after the crash, he was promised by individuals named Lenny and Ben (names have been changed), associated with the workshop, that they would take responsibility for the damages. The promises included providing Seah with another car, moving his belongings, and rectifying the situation. However, Seah claims that these commitments were not fulfilled.

Seah states that he was asked to meet the individual’s father for a one-on-one talk, but the encounter reportedly ended with intimidation.

He further alleges that his car was towed from the scrapyard without his permission and repaired. When Seah expressed his disagreement, he claims they responded with dismissive remarks.


Legal Actions and Assessment

In response to the situation, Seah has sought legal assistance and the support of his friends to hold the workshop accountable. He has taken his car to another reputable workshop for assessment, and the initial report suggests severe damage. Seah mentions that the car is deemed unsafe for driving.

Seah expresses determination in making the individuals involved take responsibility for the alleged mishandling of his car. He plans to document and share further details about the severity of the damage in a subsequent video.

You can watch the full video here.

Seah’s Facebook Post

Hello, I promised to make a video of what happened to my car, which was crashed by *company name redacted*. I took my time to compile the facts fairly and accurately. Here’s a compressed video for you guys first before I post it on social media. I hope this video helps to raise awareness.

I was intimidated and humiliated by *names redacted*. Not to forget, *name redacted* was with him during those days, and my car was driven out without permission and without valid reasons.


They asked me to give them time, avoid telling others, and promised they would take responsibility by getting me another car, moving my items over, and covering what it takes to make it right.

However, that wasn’t the case. I was waiting and waiting, but there was no favorable response. I was asked to meet their father in person and go down alone for a one-on-one talk, which ended with *names redacted* intimidating me.

I was told my car had been towed from the scrapyard without my permission and was repaired. When I showed my disagreement, *name redacted* asked me, ‘So? What can you do about it?’

Now, my car has been towed to another reputable workshop for assessment, and the assessment report is bad (unable to furnish more information at the moment).

I hope this can help my fellow car lovers avoid making the same mistake I did by trusting them. More bad news ahead: the damage assessment is bad. I was told the car is not safe for driving. There will be another video on the severity of the damage down the road.

I am determined to make them take responsibility, with the help of my lawyer and friends.

Please help to share.

# “Clarification: This is Malaysia bought car with a Malaysia car plate, for collection and was doing restoration work for the past 9 months. The only reason why the car was there is because an ex mechanic recommended me to his “New partner” and told m to send my car to this *company name redacted* instead of his previous company due to some unforseen circumstances .”

Source: Mac Seah on Facebook

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