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have you encountered a pontianak/kuntilanak/langsuir? whether in singapore or some other country in southeast asia.. i’m curious! share your stories 🙂


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  1. I was doing guard duty at Tekong and I smell something sweet coming from the forest side, I voiced it out and my Malay buddy slapped me quite hard on my arm and ask me to stfu
    We moved faster away and that’s it, all my encounter with pontianak 
  2. These are the 2 encounters that I had with a Pontianak.
    I was a NS Policeman back in 1989, I was posted to ECP Police Post.
    During 1 of the nightshifts, together with 1 Regular and 2 other PNS, we went on a patrol in a Police Jeep. It was around 3 to 4am and it has been drizzling the whole night.
    We were driving along the bicycle path just after the “notorious” yellow lighthouse when the Regular stopped the jeep.
    Infront of us, there was a fallen tree trunk. We were told to move the trunk aside as it was blocking our path.
    All of us got off the jeep. I went to the bottom part of the trunk to lift it while my teammates tried to lift it from the top.
    As we were lifting the trunk, my teammates screamed and dropped the trunk. I heard some rustling of leaves from nearby tree branches. My Regular shouted at me to hurriedly get back into the jeep.
    Once we were all aboard, the Regular, did a speedy reverse and sped off from there and into ECP expressway.
    I am a Chinese but I do understand a bit of Malay back then. The Regular and the other 2 PNS are Malays and they were speaking in their language. I can sense the seriousness, fear and tension in their voices. I asked the Regular, Hamzah 3634 (he had since passed away in the late 90s due to kidney failure), what happened and since I am a part of the team, I should be kept in the loop.
    Hamzah asked me if I saw anything, I said I didn’t see anything but heard the rustling of tree leaves from the nearby trees.
    Hamzah told me that as he and the other 2 PNS were lifting the trunk, a Pontianak emerged from the fallen tree and jumped up into a nearby tree. They saw it with their own eyes.
    I have to admit that at the moment I heard the rustling of tree leaves, the hair on my back stood up.
    This was my first encounter with the supernatural and it was not my last.
    I eventually ROD and signed on as a Regular. During the training at PA and during the course of my career, I have encountered things or events that cannot be explained by science.
    This incident happened in 1990 after I had graduated from PA, posted to F Div and was attached to my FTO.
    I was doing FRC FR30, It was nightshift and was about 4am.
    Usually around this timing, when all is quiet, we also take our break aka naps.
    My FTO drove the patrol car while I was updating the patrol log sheet. We were heading deep inside Seletar reservoir for our “rest”.
    My FTO suddenly stopped the patrol car, got out and seems to be conducting a spot-check. He actually took out his walkie talkie set and radioed our Div Ops Room to screen a person. I was in a state of shock as I was in the front passenger seat and what is happening, I can see directly and clearly. I can see no one except for my FTO.
    After a couple of mins, he got back into the patrol car and started to F me for not getting out of the patrol car to assist him on the spot check.
    I said “Brother, there is no one out there except you. You were like talking to yourself”
    At moment, someone or something jumped onto the roof of our patrol car and started scratching it. The scratching sound is like someone scratching on the classroom blackboard.
    Our goose pimples stood up and my FTO floored the aclerator and we sped out of there.
    We reached a petrol station and we both got out of the patrol car. On top of the patrol car were 5 lines of deep scratches.
    We agreed not to mention this to the Transport Sgt or any of our Team Policing team mates as our encounter is too incredible to be believed and also that we will probably be the target of jokes for the next couple of weeks from them.
    We actually came up with a bull story to the Transport Sgt regarding how the patrol car sustained those scratches.
    There are actually quite a few more supernatural encounters that I personally had experienced in the course of my time in SPF.
  3. i haven’t seen one but i was walking home one quiet evening after buying supper. suddenly smelled an unusually intense scent of frangipani but there were no frangipani trees around. it was strong as if someone wearing a strong scent walked past very close but there was nobody around at all. decided not to hang around and wait to find out.
  4. A more strange phenomenon – from all the ghost stories I’ve heard, I find it funny how the dead only haunt their own races. But everyone seems to have encountered Japanese ghosts.
    Maybe, of what we saw in movies, created that imagination of how or what a ghost should look like. And most of us have watched a Japanese ghost movie growing up.
    I have never seen a ghost before and I don’t wish to meet one. And I don’t think I believe in such things.
    Some people claim to be able to interact with such beings. But have any of these people ever asked how it is on the other side? What happened when you died?
  5. Went for a run. At midnight was at some dark turn and smelled frangipani and it was also Thursday midnight. Sprinted home and shower and there was a few long hair on my back lol
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