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Over the years, social media has been rife with alleged ghostly sightings, from phantom passengers to headless apparitions.


With the rise of social media, these supposed encounters have captured the imagination of Singaporeans, as the debate on the authenticity of these alleged sightings rages on.

The Pontianak at Pasir Ris Park

A Facebook user, Nur Umairah, shared online about an encounter that she faced during her night run.

She was at Pasir Ris Park for her usual night run and on that night, she wanted to try a different route – so she ran all the way to the end of the park all alone.

To her right was lush, forested vegetation; and to her left was nothing but pitch black darkness.


She just continued running, without having much thought in her mind.

She then reached the end and turned around; and upon running back, she could hear a faint voice calling out to her from behind.

She then removed her earphones and listened, trying to figure out if it was something paranormal.

Her suspicions were proved right and she just bolted off and continued running while reciting her prayer.

Apparently, she took some photos at the time and after she edited them and increased the brightness, a figure of a woman sitting alone on a bench could be seen.


The Hungry Ghosts of Marsiling

A netizen shared a story of how he accidentally walked into and stepped on the roadside offerings for the Hungry Ghost festival.

He was on his way to meet his friend for supper when he accidentally stepped on the offerings, and he said that he started to feel something perched on top of him.

As they later walked past a forested area, he saw a female ghost smiling at him and humming a song, he then took a picture of the spirit.

He was at McDonald’s waiting for his food when he noticed eerie fingerprints on his receipt.

Here is the full story:

This is from my friend pov the one I go out wif tgt …it started when I was walking below my block and I sudd walked into a circle of candles with rice scattered around the candles .There was red powder inside of the circle and I started to feel something perched on top of me , and nails digging into my skin. I ignored it and just went to meet my friend , and while we were walking , a woman clad in white with long hair rode past us humming a strange song. She suddenly turned back and smiled at us.

Her eyes were black and her complexion pale. Awhile after we heard the sounds of bells and suddenly we heard something behind us and we saw a black figure .Fast forward abit and we were at McDonald’s. when we ordered our food and got the receipt from the machine , there was nothing on it . My friend placed his phone and wallet on top of it so no one could have touched it.

But some fingerprints appeared on the paper which did not match any of ours . We tried to see if we could have put our finger prints on accident but it was not possible to do it .Finally when we were walking home I decided to use my iPhones night vision to look up the dark hill and we saw a white figure walking around . I think it’s the same lady who cycled past us.

Radio DJ’s encounter with headless apparition

Love 97.2 DJ Violet Fenying shared about a spooky experience she had at the old Mediacorp campus from 2016.

She had wanted to take a selfie of herself in her sponsored outfit, so as to credit her sponsors, so she put her camera on timer and posed for a few pictures.

The next day, while she was on holiday with her family, she browsed through her gallery to delete some unwanted pictures taking up space in her phone.

She then saw the photo that she took the day before and was speechless.

She had captured an apparition wearing period clothes, and the figure was headless.


She then asked the wardrobe department if anyone had borrowed a costume from them, but they said no.

Mysterious guest inside KTV room

Images source: Screenshot from Tropic Monsters TV on YouTube

A girl named Ting shared about a supernatural encounter that she and her friends experienced at a local karaoke located at the basement of an unnamed location.

Ting said that she went to the KTV with 2 other colleagues, and the 3 of them were all wearing black.

Throughout the night of drinking and singing; from the corner of her eyes, Ting kept seeing a guy sitting beside her (in her peripheral vision).

She described it as being like when you think you see something but it’s not there.

So she brushed it off as her just being drunk.

Suddenly, one of her colleagues who was singing halfway, stopped and asked:

“Eh who is that guy?”

Her colleague said that the TV screen suddenly went black and he saw the guy’s reflection on the TV.

The group then packed their things and left.


After leaving the room, Ting asked her colleague what colour the guy was wearing, to which he said “white”.

She compared it to what she thought she saw and was shocked, the “guy” that she saw in her peripheral vision was wearing white as well.

They then went to the counter to make payment, and they were charged for 4 people, when there was only 3 of them.

They then explained the situation to the woman, who laughed it off and charged them for 3 people instead.

The next day, the group rewatched their Instagram videos and discovered something shocking.

A reflection on the TV of a “man” in white wearing a cowboy hat was captured by one of the cameras.

He appeared to be holding on to something that looked like a cane.

WW2 nurse still roaming Old Changi Hospital

Old Changi Hospital, located in Singapore, is known to be one of the most haunted places in the country. It was built in 1935 by the British colonial government as a hospital to treat British soldiers stationed in Singapore.

During World War II, the Japanese army occupied Singapore and used the hospital as a torture chamber and execution site.

The atrocities that took place during this time have led to many reports of paranormal activity at the site.


There have been numerous reports of ghost sightings and strange occurrences at Old Changi Hospital over the years.

Visitors to the site have reported hearing unexplained noises, footsteps, and voices, as well as feeling cold spots and experiencing sudden changes in temperature. Some have even reported being touched or pushed by unseen forces.

The nurse who was raped & murdered in WW2

One of the most famous ghost stories associated with Old Changi Hospital is the story of the ghost of a nurse. According to legend, during World War II, a nurse was raped and murdered by Japanese soldiers in the hospital.

Her ghost is said to haunt the hospital, appearing as a pale figure in a nurse’s uniform. Visitors have reported seeing her in various locations throughout the hospital, including the operating room and the maternity ward.

A video was captured back in 2017 showing a white figure dressed in what appears to be a nurse gown and holding onto some towels and walking down the corridors of the abandoned hospital.

Japanese soldiers

Another commonly reported ghost is that of a Japanese soldier who is said to have committed hari kiri in the hospital after the war. Visitors have reported seeing his ghost wandering the halls of the hospital, and some have even claimed to have been pushed or grabbed by him.

In addition to these specific ghosts, there have been many other reports of paranormal activity at Old Changi Hospital. Visitors have reported feeling a sense of unease or dread when entering certain areas of the hospital, and some have claimed to have seen apparitions or shadows moving in the darkness.

One of the more notable incidents involving Old Changi Hospital took place in 2008, when a group of Singaporean ghost hunters filmed an episode of their show at the site.

During the filming, one of the crew members claimed to have been possessed by a malevolent spirit. He began speaking in a strange language and acting erratically, and it took several minutes for his fellow crew members to calm him down.

While skeptics may dismiss these reports as the result of overactive imaginations or a desire for attention, many people believe that Old Changi Hospital is truly haunted. The hospital’s tragic history, combined with the reports of paranormal activity, have led to its reputation as one of the most haunted places in Singapore.

Famous ghost of German girl at Pulau Ubin

A video emerged online showing a ghostly encounter purportedly captured at Pulau Ubin.

The video was taken by a security officer, who captured what he claims to be the ghost of the famous German Girl Shrine on the island.

The security guard was taking a video of the island’s surrounding at night to inform his supervisor that he couldn’t do his “round check” because it was raining that night.

But as he panned his camera towards his right, in the distance beside some foliage, a figure wearing what appears to be an “old medieval gown” could be seen floating across.

The video then zoomed in on the figure, showing the purported ghost’s attire, with the lower part of the gown appearing to be puffier than the top.

The legend of the German Girl Ghost

The legend of the German Girl Ghost dates back to the World War 1 period (1914 to 1918). She was said to be a daughter of a German coffee plantation owner who lived near where the German Girl Shrine currently sits at Pulau Ubin.

Two names popped up from research into the story, via the past land deeds – Daniel Brandt and Hermann Mulingans, but in-depth investigations into the girl’s parents were inconclusive.

The story goes that the German girl’s family was taken away by British soldiers for internment but she somehow managed to escape. However, she slipped and fell into a quarry before dying, and her dead body was then found by the Boyanese people and covered up with sand.

Her body was later retrieved by Chinese workers who then gave her a proper burial, and the grave was then exhumed in 1974 to make way for quarry excavation works before being relocated to its current location, at the German Girl Shrine in Pulau Ubin.

Ghostly figure wandering along the beach

It is said that the German girl’s spirit remained on the island. Since then, visitors to Pulau Ubin have reported seeing the ghostly figure of a young girl in a white dress, wandering through the forest and along the beach. Some have even claimed to have heard her crying or calling out for her father.

The legend of the German Girl Ghost has become a popular topic of discussion among paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters. Many have attempted to capture evidence of the ghostly presence, with some claiming to have recorded eerie voices and strange apparitions on film.

Despite the many sightings and stories, there are some who believe that the legend of the German Girl Ghost is simply a myth. They point out that there is no historical evidence to support the story of the girl and her family, and that the legend may have been invented to attract tourists to the island.

Regardless of whether or not the German Girl Ghost is real, there is no denying the eerie atmosphere that permeates Pulau Ubin. The island’s dense jungle and deserted beaches make it the perfect setting for a ghost story, and visitors can’t help but feel a sense of unease as they explore its winding paths and hidden corners.

The legend of the German Girl Ghost at Pulau Ubin is a fascinating and spooky tale that has captured the imagination of many visitors to the island. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there is no denying the eerie atmosphere of Pulau Ubin and the allure of its mysterious legends.

Ghostly passenger on Double Decker bus

Chilling video footage emerged online showing a bus driver in Singapore catching sight of a ghostly apparition on his bus’ CCTV cameras, according to Mothership.

Facebook page Supernatural Confessions posted footage of the ghostly encounter that was sent to them by Syed Wilson, who runs the Dark Arts of Syed Wilson Facebook page.

They said that the footage was taken by a bus driver in Singapore, who noticed someone (or something) sitting on the upper deck of his double-decker bus.

However, he knew that there was no one on the bus at the time and when he went up to the upper deck to check things out, he found nobody at all.

Black figure seated & looking down

The video begins with the bus driver filming his driving station inside the bus as the buttons beeped before he panned the camera up towards the CCTV panel above him.

There appeared to be a man dressed in black wearing what seems to be a hat, seated on one of the outer seats and looking down.

The CCTV footage also reads: “Passengers in bus: 0” despite there being a “man” sitting right in front of the camera.

He muttered to himself “it’s too early for something supernatural to happen, how can there be anybody upstairs?”

Had asked the “person” to come down earlier

The driver then went up the stairs onto the upper deck, where he found nobody at all, saying “SIAL LAH TAKDE ORANG KAN! (there’s nobody here)”.

Visibly spooked out by this point, he said out loud to himself “I even asked the ‘person’ to come down just now” before hurling an expletive.

He then walked all the way to the back of the bus to check on every seat to confirm that there was indeed nobody, before the video cuts off.

Not to spook anyone else further but based on the bus’ screen, it was a bus service that runs along Punggol.

Ghost playing Hide & Seek

A netizen shared how he was cycling late at night and saw somethiung spooky.

He had goosebumps all of a sudden and took a quick snapshot on his camera.

He then cycled away from the place quickly because of what he saw in the photo.

He had captured a photo of a female ghost hiding behind a tree.

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