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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Step Mom treated me like shit

Dear Singapore uncensored,


My dad decided to remarry after my mom pass away while I was still young. At first before she got officially married to my dad she was still very nice to me. I thought to myself it would be nice to have her as replacement mom.

Little did I know after she moved in with her daughter things took a big change. As my dad would be away from home for work often. My dad would hand her my pocket money and extra allowance in case I need to get anything extra.

She would actually cut my pocket money by half and gave the half to my step sister. My step sister would get whatever she wanted as soon as she asked for it. I would mostly of the time get a beating or slaps for protesting. Eventually she started poisoning my Dad’s mind, making him believing every lies that she told to him.

One day I was told to pack and leave from house cos she convince that I done something very wrong to family leave with nothing to my name, I roam the streets. Fortunately I had a friend who took me in. I swore to myself that I never stepping back to my home anymore that I was no different from a ophan. Now that I have a place of my own, I some think and ponder about my own life. What if my mom didn’t passed away and my dad didn’t remarried.


I heard about happy ending about stepmom and step dad. I guess I was the unlucky one. L

By : the ophan

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