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Former presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian said in a series of Facebook posts that he met up with a lawyer to discuss legal action that he could take against “several dozen people who smeared and defamed” him during the presidential campaign.


He warned that the “potential damages could be substantial” as he urged his followers to send a link of any posts on Facebook or TikTok that “insults or smears” him.

He also lamented about receiving more than 100 new visitors from the “smearing machine” and shared that he “had to delete and ban” some of them for “insults, mischief and nonsense”, including from his “friends”.

Tan also warned his followers to “avoid giving advice that are not necessary”.

Tan Kin Lian’s rants on Facebook

I saw a lawyer at One Coleman Street to discuss the legal action that I can take against several dozen people who smeared and defamed me during the presidential campaign.



My lawyer confirmed that the statements that labelled me as racist and the derogatory names associated with the “pretty girl” episode are defamatory.

I am discussing with the lawyer on the next step that I can take.

The harm caused by these defamatory messages is serious, but the potential damages could be substantial.

When you see a post on Facebook that insults or smears me, you can help me by immediately reporting to Facebook that the post is harassment or contains false information.


You can also send a link to me, so that I can also report the harassment or falsehood directly

You can do the same in Tik Tok.

Several people asked me to sue the ex-diplomat for defamation. It is easy for them to give this kind of “irresponsible advice”. I want to tell them what to expect.

It will cost over $100,000 to launch a defamation suit, maybe more. The chance of winning is not clear, especially when one is suing a party that is part of the establishment. I am not implying that our legal system is unfair, but this is a factor that I have to take into account. Even my lawyer cautioned me from taking this course.

If it is the other way round, i.e. an establishment figure suing an opponent, the chance of winning is higher, even if the case is weak.

So, for people who wants to speak with bravado, I have to delete their comments. They may think that they are smart, or helpful to me, but they are actually causing a lot of problem by speaking irresponsibly.

Some of my regular followers were upset when their posts were deleted.

I did not intend to upset them. I might have deleted them by mistake and deflated their ego.

I want them to know what has been happening. Over the past three days, I received over 100 new visitors, from the “smearing machine” who were posted all kinds of insults, mischief and nonsense. I had to delete and ban them. In the process, I have also deleted some of the comments from “my friends”.

If your comment has been deleted, you can repost them.


Please keep to the topic and avoid giving “advice” that are not necessary. I also delete comments that are out of topic.

Tan Kin Lian

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