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Friday, October 7, 2022


Driver: Lim CHYE BENG


Car plate: SHA3937C

At 9.54pm, I booked a cab for my wife and 2 kids who were at Marsiling to come back home to Yishun using the Comfort Delgro app. A few minutes later, the cab driver, LIM CHYE BENG, called to inform that he has reached the location.

When my wife and kids were walking towards the cab, he lighted his cigarette and told to wait inside the cab while waiting for him to finish smoking. It took him more than 5 minutes to finish smoking before he started driving.

Since it’s not a fixed fare, my wife instructed the driver her preferred route (BKE – SLE – Mandai). However, he suggested via CTE, but my wife declined as it was clearly out of the way. The driver then continued to drive. In the car, my wife was busy handling two sleepy toddlers without being aware of the journey. When the driver reached the expressway, the driver drove passed SLE going towards PIE.


Feeling something was off, my wife checked the map and told the driver “Uncle, I say Yishun. Why you want to go towards Toa Payoh?”. The driver was defensive and lied saying “No, in front there is Mandai” when it was clearly heading towards Lornie Rd/Braddell.

He then asked my wife “Usually how much you travel from Marsiling to Yishun?”. After my wife said it’s less than $20, he started to get angsty and showed attitude. To my wife’s horror, the driver said “Like that I drop you off at Toa Payoh. You go take another cab, I don’t want to drive you! I wanna go back home I stay at Toa Payoh. You are wasting my time and petrol”.

Being heavily pregnant, my wife began to have panic attacks and have series of shortness of breath. So she called me and I told her to put on speaker for me to talk to the driver. When on speaker, I ordered the driver to send my wife and kids back to Yishun but the driver just refused to do so.

Without any sympathy, the driver just alighted my wife and kids at Toa Payoh and refused to send back to Yishun despite him being in the wrong and knowing that my pregnant wife were with 2 sleepy toddlers. After my wife and kids alighted the cab, it took her awhile to accept what was really happening. She was in shocked and emotionally distressed. It took her awhile before she called the customer service line to lodge a complaint.

The customer service officer asked what happened as she typed the the whole thing. When my wife paused to take a breath, the officer budge in and asked why didn’t she take the offer for $20. She said “Since the driver offered you $20, why are you still crying?”. My wife replied that she has not fully tell the whole situation. Only after my wife explained the whole thing, the the officer started to acknowledge my wife’s traumatic experience.


This is utterly disgusting and resulted in a traumatic experience especially for my wife and kids. Not only the driver was rude, he was inhumane to drop at a place that was far from the actual destination despite knowing that my pregnant wife was with 2 toddlers who were crying from this whole situation. What kind of human does that?! In addition, poor service from Comfort DelGro.

Now my wife have trouble sleeping, have series of panic attack and shortness of breath. Who is gonna be responsible for all this?? I want a full refund and an explanation to this with a follow up action on the driver!!!

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