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Teacher Nude In School… Is It A New Trend?


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Pictures have been circulating the internet, demonstrating a male educator at a Guangxi center school with no garments on, striking a female understudy on grounds on Monday evening amid a scene of “impermanent madness.”

The occurrence happened with no attempt at being subtle before various instructors and understudies. The 30-year-old man’s suspected rape arrangements were thwarted when a few different educators touched base on the scene and dragged him off the young lady, as indicated by records given by witnesses on the web.

In an announcement, the nearby government said that the man is surnamed Huo and acted as a lab chairman at the Taiping Middle School. He had been determined to have occasional mental scenes in 2011. Be that as it may, throughout the following two years, he had no further scenes and was regarded “rationally steady.”

Taking after his treatment, the school masterminded him to work just at the school lab, rather than instructing and being in direct contact with understudies. Throughout the previous five years, Huo has shown no side effects or indications of his past emotional sickness and was not viewed as a risk to understudies.

Police have dispatched an examination. The young lady was not physically hurt in the assault, while Huo has been sent to the healing facility for treatment by his family.