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PRC Teacher Fighting With Students… Becomes Brawl(Video)


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Something is unquestionably going ahead in Chinese schools this week. A stunning video has circulated around the web on the Chinese web demonstrating a classroom fight between a gathering of understudies and their instructor.

The video hit Chinese video-sharing locales yesterday evening. In the first place, one understudy is seen declining to hand over his exam paper to the educator. The two trade words and the instructor tries to end the contention by getting the child around the neck.

Nonetheless, the understudy doesn’t take merciful to that and quickly goes on the counter-assault, with the assistance of his kindred cohorts, who all downpour down wild punches and slaps on the apparently helpless educator.

Yet, things being what they are the educator isn’t going to down to a pack of center school kids. Three times the children quit battling, and every time, the educator ventures forward to slap the first understudy in the face. The skirmish then proceeds.

All things considered, it’s around a moment of aggregate classroom disarray, the understudy even gets a wooden stool and tries to bash his instructor with that. One female understudy is seen valiantly running forward to join the quarrel, and after that retreats back snickering.