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A teenager recently posted a Reddit of his unfortunate encounter after he was totally creeped out by a woman outside Hougang Mall.


The teen said that he is 17-years-old and he was approached by a woman. She then asked him for his name and said that she wants to tell him a story. She started describing something to him about “circles”.

The teen then responded saying that he was not interested and left the area.

The teen said that was creeped out by the incident and wondered the real intention of the woman.

Here is the full story the teen said:

For context, I’m 17M. Near the shops outside of Hougang Mall, a woman approached me and asked me if I was waiting for someone and I said yeah. She asked for my name and I asked “what’s this for” then she said she wanted to tell me a story. Then she asked if “I had heard of the three circles (can’t remember the exact word) before?” I said I’m not interested and she smiled and left.


Does anyone know what’s up? Marketing tactic or what? Would really appreciate some advice since it’s the first time something like this happened to me. By my appearance, she would have known I’m a student so it doesn’t sound like a monetary scam. I’m genuinely creeped out by this encounter.

Reddit users say is cult

Here are what users on the internet think:

  • I believe they’re recruiting for a Korean religious cult, they often hang outside of malls to evangelise.
  • This is scary. Korea has some of the most scary cults with really scary practices. Some Korean cults can be very deceptive and controlling. CNA even ran a story of how a Singaporean ended up joining meetings organised by a cult without realising.

Another netizen had a similar encounter at Dhoby Gaut

“This literally happened to me yesterday at dhoby ghaut mrt bustop yesterday when I was waiting for the bus!! A lady walked up to me and showed me a booklet which had the words « Where are you from? » It’s her whole demeanour and the way the booklet looks(the image printed on it) that really freaked me out and I immediately shuffled away. I know it doesn’t sound scary at all but if you experience it you will feel legit creeped out and spooked and rly idk why! Was wondering what cult that might have been. Curious but not curious enough to hear about it”


Whether it’s a cult or not it does not matter, if a stranger approaches you in public you can always walk away.

If you are facing any danger you can always shout for help or contact the authorities.

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