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This Waiter did Something Unimaginable…


This happened when I was 17. I’m currently 24.

My friends and I were at this restaurant/sports bar-type place. It was a group of about 6 of us. Some people in the group were friends of my friends, who I didn’t really know.

It was getting late but my friends didn’t want to leave. I was tired and ready to go. We had school the next day too. We had already eaten but they just wanted to stay and talk.

There was a server/waiter there who kept looking at me and would smile occasionally. One girl in our group (I didn’t really know her, she was a friend of my friend) said she knew this guy and he’s really nice and sweet. She called him over at one point to talk and catch up.


I made a comment to my group of friends saying I wanted to go home (I rode with my friend there so I didn’t have my own car)

The girl who knew the server looked at me and said “hey, let (the server) take you home! He’s getting off his shift now! And he lives near you! He won’t mind”

I did not like this idea at all. I didn’t know this guy. She said he went to our school, but I’ve never seen him.

All the people in my friend group at this point are agreeing with her and told me it’s fine, he can take me home. I’m hesitant, but at the time I was VERY shy, and I didn’t have a backbone to stand up for myself. So I just said okay.

The girl calls the server over, and she asks him if he will take me home. He smiles and says, sure! He had already gotten his bag, and was ready to go. So I stand up, and the dude literally puts his arm into mine (like we are walking arm in arm) it was so weird lol.


We get to his car and I get in the passenger’s side. The drive home was about 20 minutes. As he was driving, I asked him if he went to my school. Because that’s what the girl at my table said. He said he did, but it was years ago. I was under the impression he was around our age (17-19 yrs old) but he admits he is 25. He had a hat on in the restaurant that went pretty far down, but when we got to his car and he took it off, you could definitely tell he was older than my age group.

So he’s asking me questions, he asked if I had a date. I said no. He said maybe he could be my date. I told him no.

Finally we get to my house, and he pulls up to my block. He stops the car, turns it off, and looks right over at me. He takes my hands and holds them in his. He tells me I’m pretty, or whatever compliment it was. Then I kid you not, and some people won’t believe this, but he literally lifts my hands up, pulls them closer to his face, and starts licking them!

He’s licking the palm, in between my fingers up to the nails, etc. I’m shook at this point, I didn’t know what to do. I’ve never had someone do that to me in my life. I didn’t even know that was a thing!

I pull my hands away eventually and look at him like wtf. It became awkward and I just opened the car door and ran up to my door and went inside my house.

Thankfully I never saw or heard from that guy ever again. I was also very upset with that girl who told me to ride home with him, even though I was more upset with myself for actually doing it. I should never have agreed to that.

But yeah, that’s my story. But really though, is hand licking a thing? I’ve had a few relationships in my life and no guy has ever licked my hands before. And hell, I would hope they would never do it on the first meeting!

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