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Tinder horror story. Okay so TLDR we met on the app and during our convos we hit it off quite well.


So we decided to meet up and eventually, we started going out. Initially, due to a bad experience I had emphasized that I wasn’t looking for any rs in particular and our rs was purely platonic and she was free to date anyone she likes and she didn’t have to tell me anything about her dates.

However she continued to tell me about her dates. Even to the extent of asking me to bail her out on certain occasions. She also did made known her feelings to me, however I still maintained my stance.

Recently she fell sick and I decided to pay her a visit as she said her house didn’t have pi pa gao and herbal tea of course as a friend. At this point in time I could say I developed some feelings for her but decided to wait it out to see what happens. Then came after she got better and she decided to ask if I wanted to go to a concert with her. I agreed and paid for the ticket.

One day, while I was browsing through Instagram I chanced upon her story and she posted her holding hands with another guy. Feeling confused I decided to ask her about the guy whom she didn’t tell me about. I was perplexed as to who this guy was and how he suddenly surfaced. And out of this I felt it was uncomfortable for me to attend the concert with her. I told her this and made my feelings known to her as well. Undeniably putting us in an awkward situation. I stopped talking to her for a week.


I did some reflection and I thought this whole thing wouldn’t have happened if I was open enough and if I wasn’t so close minded. I bashed myself pretty badly for this and I decided to approach her for it. We had a long talk and agreed that both parties were at fault. I apologized and she did as well and she went on by saying if I needed someone to talk to or anything she would be happy to be a listening ear.

Then came when the concert date drew closer. Since I had already paid for the ticket so I decided to ask her if I could go but prior to that I foolishly said that if it was awkward she didn’t have to reply me. I was lowkey expecting a reply however since there was money involved.

All I got was no replies. And because of this after the concert ended those feelings turned into disappointment and anger. How can a person be so shameless as to ignore and go with another person to a concert whose ticket I paid for? So I decided to text her to express how disgusted I was. If she had already found a person to go with at least a reply would have sufficed? Thereafter she finally replied by insulting my manhood, calling me childish and asking me to grow up. The nerve of her, saying all this was a result of my own actions and if I was unable to attend the concert I had to make my own arrangements and she had already “offered me and olive branch”. However the ticket was with her and she deliberately ignored my messages.

After the series of insults by her and she even went to the extent of poking at my past wounds (previous rs) which I shared with her, she blocked me off completely on all social platforms and messaging apps leaving me with no way of contacting her. Not sure what to do about this, the fact that this whole thing unraveled like a train wreck. Or a person’s true colors were finally revealed.

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