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Uber Driver Calls Woman a “Bitch” But does she deserve it?

KokUber driver scold woman ‘bitch’. The woman book a cab via the user app and took her own sweet time expecting the driver to wait for her.


This obstruct the driver’s business. The furious driver notice that the woman was not here. Neither did she responded to the driver’s SMS. She was taking her own sweet time doing her personal things despite booking the taxi.


Do you guys think she deserve to be called a bitch?


“Salam 12th Ramadhan my dearest friends,
Usually i dun really care about these kind of thing/people or even bother to talk about it but today i just feel the strong urge to rant it out! So bear with me ?

Basically, today Nouryezam Azeman & myself was going out & we decided to uber (as we did not have any bad experience before) to our destination. So, when i already requested for one, my helpless/hungry/cranky as he wasnt feeling very well 2 month old son decided to cry out for feeding so of course i had to feed my poor child and not leave him to cry right?

As i was feeding him, this UBER driver called and ask me, are you coming down, im at your block now! So i told him in a polite, perempuan melayu terakhir voice ever to him that im so sorry, if you dun mind waiting for awhile cause im feeding my child now. Then, He got so agitated i dun really know why and YELLED to me, then you should have called later what! i was speechless & got so angry with his reply! I told him cant you wait for awhile I am feeding my child! Please la not like as if im dancing or baking cookies & made him wait! Even if he told me that he will let the meter run since he have to wait, i would willingly ask him to do that!

With that kind of attitude don’t even dare to take his car so i told him, its okaye if you really cant wait, you can go off first, i will just get another one. And, he loses his mind & started raising his voice and told me off saying that you cancel we will charge one leh! Big deal rather than taking your car who knows with that kind of attitude, my life’s at stake lor! Which he got so mad and ended the call when i was talking!

Nvm that, when i saw my text message, he even dared to call me a bitch just cause i was feeding my child? Bro, you on top got problem la i think! So rude how like that? Just want to share this so that my beloved crew friends or anyone who use UBER service just be careful of this guy! Make sure if you got him as a driver, stop feeding your child first then take his car! ?

Batal puasa i tau, buat orang darah up je! ?”

(Facebook Post By Fydaley Olsen)

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