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Greetings everyone. I’ve been driving with Uber for the past 2 years and since Uber has not been ”educating” you with the basics of taking an UberPool trip, let me do it on behalf of all fellow Uber drivers. I’m sick and tired of repeating this to my UberPool passengers day in day out and I hope that this ”educates” you. Before I start, ”keyboard warriors”, please take note that I’m not here to judge you as ”cheapskates” for taking UberPool for a lower fare and yet still demanding shit in our cars. I’m here just to ”educate” you for a better UberPool experience. This post goes out to the 60% of dumbass passengers whom we meet day in day out. The remaining 40% of the really nice/good passengers may Ignore this post. Thank you.


What is UberPool?
When you want the cheapest ride, UberPOOL is the option for you. UberPOOL matches you with riders heading in the same direction, so you can share your ride and the cost. (As stated in Uber’s website – Not as stated by me.)

Is UberPool cheaper than UberX?
Yes, of course it is but it’s cheaper just by a few dollars compared to UberX. You’re given various options of rides (UberX / UberPool / UberXL) along with the fares to choose from. When you book the trip, you’re solely responsible for the fares as you had agreed to it. Please don’t come inside our cars and question us about the fares. We, drivers, do not fix the fares. We drive and complete the trip as stated in the app. Please apply your promo codes before the trip and not after/during the trip.

When should I take UberPool?
For God’s sake, please take UberPool only if you have the time to spare and when you’re not in a rush. It’s too often that we, drivers, have come across passengers whom get into the car and ”order” us to driver faster as they’re late for their appointments. If you’re in a rush, bloody hell please don’t take UberPool and rush us. It’s your fault that you woke up late and not ours! At all times we will only stick to the speed limit of the road. Once you book UberPool you must be prepared for more passengers joining in and a longer than usual trip. We will do you no favours in such situations!

How long can the driver wait for me before I board the car? Any cancellation charges?
You will receive a notification of the driver’s arrival at the pickup point on your app. If you fail to board the car within 2 minutes of the driver’s arrival, the driver will immediately inform Uber that you did not show up and Uber would charge you a cancellation fee of $6.00. This same cancellation charges would apply if you cancelled the booking after two minutes of making the booking. Either way, please be considerate as there might be another passenger waiting to be picked up or is already in the car waiting for you. If you board our cars late, please have the courtesy to apologize to us and the passenger(s). Some of you have made it a habit to make the drivers wait but thank you for doing that as we get to earn $6.00 even without taking your trip.


What is the first thing I should do when I board the car?
It’s basic courtesy that you greet the driver and thank him/her for picking you up. If there’s a fellow UberPool passenger already in the car, please do greet them too. Most of you simply get into the car and just take a seat as if everyone else is invisible in the car. That’s bloody rude! Your Uber app should inform you if there’s another passenger whom was picked up before you. Don’t come into the car acting blur!

How are seats allocated in the cars during an UberPool trip?
Passengers have the freedom to decide on where they would like to sit. If you’re a lone passenger, you’re advised to sit in the single front seat as there might be more passengers coming along the way and there’re chances that more than one passenger might be coming in. Uber allows a maximum of two passengers per booking. If you’re a lone passenger whom is already seated in the back seat and you’re informed that two or more passengers are boarding the car, you might wish to shift to the front seat. It’s totally up to you. Please give and take. Don’t behave like a school kids and fight for the seats. We will just dump all of you out of the car and cancel your bookings. We have no time to be the judge for your disputes!

I’m seated in the front seat so can I control the aircon/radio?
Firstly, at all times remember that regardless of whether it’s the driver’s own car or a rented car, the car is driven by him/her and they have full rights and responsibilities over their cars. Before you adjust the aircon or radio, please have the courtesy to ask for the driver’s permission. Don’t simply come into our cars and start adjusting things. Most of the cars which we drive has a centralized aircon system. If you’re feeling that the aircon is too cold, please inform us and we will adjust the aircon or divert the aircon’s blower away from you. When your itchy hands shut off the aircon blower, the passengers seated behind might not be getting the cool air. Just as you, the passengers seated behind are also paying for the trip. Please get this up your self-centered numbskulls! This has to be the number one problem we Uber drivers face all the time!

How are the drop-off routes decided? Who gets off first? Can we request for our own routes?
The rules are simple. The pickup/drop off routes are decided by Uber. We will strictly follow the GPS on UberPool trips as instructed by Uber, so that we are able to pickup more passengers along the way by the routes given by Uber. We ourselves, know that Uber’s routes suck most of the times but we will not follow your desired routes and prevent ourselves from getting potential UberPool pickups along the way. Please don’t dream of trying to be ”sweet” to us by guiding us with the faster/shorter routes. We know that you’re simply doing it to prevent us from pickup up more passengers along the way. I mean that’s the purpose of UberPool right? Sharing the car! Please don’t take UberPool because it’s cheaper and try your luck to be the lone passenger throughout the trip. We will assure you that we, drivers, will do all it takes to find more passengers during your UberPool trips. That includes driving slowly. If our luck is not there doing that, than so be it but we will not give in to your pathetic cheapskate ”tactics”. We will only follow the instructions on our apps and pickup/drop off passengers as instructed. If you wish for a ”guided” trip, please do so by booking UberX or get a tour bus with a tour guide!

Will the drivers know where the next passenger is getting off at?
Uber at all times, doesn’t reveals to it’s drivers, the drop off location of the passengers until the passenger is picked up and the trip is started. So stop annoying us with these type of stupid questions. We too wished that Uber tells us the drop off location before the trip is accepted.


What is the last thing to do when my UberPool trip ends?
There can’t be a bigger dumbass than you if you’re not sure what to do when your trip ends! But we wouldn’t be surprised as many of you don’t know the basic courtesy of thanking the driver for taking you safely to your location. So the answer is, to say a sincere thank you to us. Please do not leave any litter behind and keep the car clean with the next passenger in mind. Please do not slam shut the doors. If our doors or car windows are damaged due to your slam shuts, be prepared to pay for the damages. If you had left your belongings in our cars accidentally, contact Uber support. If you were nice to us during the trip, be rest assured of us going all out to return your belongings as soon as possible. But if you had treated us like shit, expect much complications on the return of your items.

That’s all I have for you for now and I would for sure be back with more. Before I sign off, always remember this:

You will get the service for the way you treat us. Always treat people the way you expect others to treat you.

Thank you.

Enjoy your UberPool trips 🙂

** My sincere apologies to the 40% of nice/good UberPool passengers we meet daily. Thankfully, atleast we have the 40% of you to make the Uber experience a good one for us drivers. Unfortunately, I had to resort to this to ”educate” the 60% of ”UberFool Dummies”.

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