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Hi, would need some advise on how to deal with noisy neighbours…


At first, the unit living directly above us (they are PRs, not trying to mean anything here but for context purpose) makes pounding sound every morning at about 6am onwards and it can last about an hour. This disturbed our sleep and we tried to went up to talk to them about it, but they turned their backs at us and did not to talk to us. So we filed a complaint to hdb.

Then they stopped the noise for a few weeks and do it again. This time, they added more noises like dragging of chair from one end of the room to another and stomping loudly around the room. Probably they are unhappy that we complained about them.

We endured for a few weeks but it seems like the noise is getting louder so we wrote back to hdb again. But it seems like of no use because each time we write the complaint, they will stop for a while then come back again with more noises.

This is very frustrating as we want to solve the issue but the other party is unwilling to open up… please help.


Netizens’ comments

  • Make friends with the unit above them and ask for their help to make noise at unreasonable hours. See how they feel.
  • Like good old days, just knock back the ceiling with a pole.
  • The only way is for you guys to move out. Honestly, first hand experience here. My family moved out eventually because the noisy neighbors won’t stop.

You can call the police, go for mediation at court, and get help from town council or hdb or your MP etc. Your neighbours will quiet down for a week or so. And then they will start again. Because to them, they are making noise in their own house, it’s their right. The authorities unfortunately cannot do anything to help you. They will seek your neighbour’s understanding to lower their volume. But if your neighbours don’t wanna listen and follow, the authorities cannot do anything. They cannot possibly stand at your neighbour’s house 24/7. So really, trust me, nothing can be done if your neighbours don’t care at all.

If you are adamant to continue living there, your only way is to call police every time they decide to make a lot of noise in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning. Get the police to go knock their door every other day. But honestly this will end up being too tedious for you and you will ultimately just be like… let’s just sell this place and move elsewhere.

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