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The discussion centers around a video of a Vietnamese TikToker, Emily Pham, who received a flower garland worth SGD 100,000 (Singapore Dollars) from a man. The video has generated significant reactions from netizens, with some finding it hard to believe and others questioning the authenticity of the gift.


The post has sparked debates about possible money laundering and the actual value of such an extravagant gift. The conversation has also delved into societal expectations, with some users complimenting Emily Pham’s appearance and others criticizing the man’s excessive display of wealth.

Given the concerns raised, it is crucial to approach such situations with a critical mindset and consider the potential implications of seemingly generous gestures. Even if the gift is genuine, it is essential to remember that excessive displays of wealth can often be insensitive and contribute to societal issues such as income inequality.

Emily Pham has since addressed the skepticism by clarifying that the man is not particularly wealthy and that the flower garland is not as expensive as initially thought. However, some users remain unconvinced and continue to question the authenticity of the situation.

This ongoing conversation serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability, particularly when it comes to displays of wealth and generosity. While it is easy to be swayed by impressive gestures, it is crucial to maintain a healthy skepticism and consider the broader context and potential motivations behind such actions.

@mithanhhien @Club Axis Singapore ♬ nhạc nền – Emily Pham

Hang flower, but no love you 4ever

The phenomenon of men attempting to buy love with money in entertainment venues is not uncommon, yet it often results in disappointment and heartbreak. These men, often referred to as “stupid guys,” are drawn to the allure of attention and affection, which they believe can be purchased with extravagant gifts and gestures. However, this mindset frequently leads to negative consequences.

One of the primary issues with this approach is that genuine love and affection cannot be bought. While material possessions can provide temporary satisfaction, they do not foster the deep emotional connections necessary for a healthy and lasting relationship. As a result, men who attempt to buy love may find themselves feeling empty and unfulfilled, even after spending substantial amounts of money.

Another problem with this behavior is that it can contribute to the exploitation of vulnerable individuals. In entertainment venues, some people may feel pressured to accept expensive gifts or gestures due to financial difficulties or societal expectations. This can create an unhealthy power dynamic, where the person offering the gifts feels entitled to certain behaviors or actions in return.

Furthermore, men who attempt to buy love often overlook the fact that the individuals they are pursuing may already have partners or families back in their home countries. This can lead to heartbreaking situations where the men develop feelings for someone who is unavailable or uninterested in a serious relationship.

To avoid such heartaches, it is essential for men to approach relationships with a more genuine and respectful mindset. Rather than attempting to buy love, they should focus on building genuine connections based on shared interests, values, and mutual respect. By doing so, they are more likely to form meaningful and lasting relationships that bring true happiness and fulfillment.


In summary, men who go to entertainment venues hoping to buy love with money often end up with broken hearts. This approach not only fails to foster genuine connections but can also contribute to the exploitation of vulnerable individuals. To find true love and happiness, it is crucial to approach relationships with respect, genuine interest, and a willingness to build deep emotional connections.

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