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Wild Boar At Bukit Panjang!


A video coursing online demonstrates a wild hog frantically attempting to discover out of a transport stop in Bukit Panjang by slamming itself numerous times into a few metal wall.

The video postured on Roads.sg first demonstrates the creature charging at and colliding with a wall at the back of the transport stop.

In the wake of neglecting to leave the transport stop through the wall, the wild hog hurried to the inverse of the transport stop and attempted its fortunes again by doing likewise.

The outcomes however were like that of what happened taking after the wild hog’s first endeavor.

It then circled heedlessly at the transport stop for a couple of more seconds before at long last leaving by means of a shielded walkway.

Workers at the transport stop however were shockingly determined with what was going on. They remained placidly situated on the seats while the wild hog attempting to slam its way through the wall.