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15 Year Old Suicide For Getting 2nd Place In Class


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_75076056_73823159[1]15 year old malaysian girl hang herself for getting 2nd place in examination.

The girl was found lifeless hanging in her room.

She was a straight A student that never got first place. The girl went home after getting 2nd place, did the usual and proceed to hanging herself. During that tragic day, odd and loud noises was coming out from her room. The family members tried to break open the door. After the door was broke down, she was already found dead.

The girl’s father was of someone that take into great importance of grades. Days before the exam she asked her father how would he respond if she did not get first place in class.

The father express that she will not be considered her daughter anymore if she did not get first place. This was probably the sentence that destroyed her…

Parents of Singapore, please remember that education is only a basic requirement in being a average worker in society. Having A does not guarantee a great future.