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Went for an interview, one of the interviewers got really insulted that I negotiated for a slight increase.


I want a second opinion on this, so I wanted to share the full story of what actually happened.

I went for an interview for a job that was paying between 2.3 – 2.5k it was a 5.5 day job that was opened for people with ‘no experience’.

I was quite excited about it and applied for the job, fast forward later I got a video interview. The video interview went well enough.

What I learned about the job was it was a ‘family business’ and the interviewer (daughter) love highlighting the fact that their business paid better compared to other businesses and they had really long term workers who worked for them. Sounded good I thought. I said goodbye to the interviewer and looked forward to hearing again from her.


Few days passed and I got a message to have a face to face appointment with another lady (mother), I accepted it, of course. I went there and learn the ins-and-outs of working there. It went well enough and there wasn’t anything else to say about it other than the fact again, this older lady keeps highlighting the fact that their business paid more compared to other companies.

After the tour we had a face to face to talk about certain expectations for the job, questions, and things like that. So first thing was ‘notice period’, I was currently a part time teacher, and I said my job, I need to give a months notice. The lady told me “but part timers are usually 3 weeks notice, not one” So I said, okay but the fact is I did check with my colleagues prior to this and they too agreed it was one month. I said to her, I will check with my boss again for confirmation.

After a few more questions and conversation, I brought up the issue of salary. As it was a 5.5 day job, I wanted to try negotiating a salary of 2.4 instead of the 2.3k, I asked if it was okay to have a salary of 2.4k instead or is 2.3k a fixed amount?, and she mentioned that because I had no experience in said job, I couldn’t request for that amount. I just agreed, and didn’t say much about it.

So she was friendly throughout everything and I thought things went well for the time, I never got the vibe that anything was wrong.

Few days later I got a message from the original interviewer (daughter) that told me ‘I was the only candidate that never provided a notice period’ and until I could provide a notice period and copy of my current job, I would not be considered. So I went to collect and shared my current contract that stipulated it was a ‘1 month’ notice period, like I mentioned before.


Few days later I got a message saying she wanted to talk to me again, and I agreed. When she called me in the evening I was honestly very shocked by her tone. She sounded so angry at me like I did something wrong. She started with “What exactly did you say to make them so unhappy”. I explained my situation, I did not say anything that was untoward and I apologize profusely in case I did say anything wrong.

Apparently she explained that asking for the salary increase had made then leave a bad impression of me, lady(mom) who was on a face to face interview with me had let the others know about me negotiating about the pay increase. According to her, they were really unhappy and said things like “they are just a part timer with no experience, not even a full timer and still asking for 2.4k” and also the fact I couldn’t bring up my current job contract/notice (Again, please note I have mentioned my notice period during the interview originally)

I was honestly shock at how they reacted. I had to explain to her what exactly I had said and how I did not argue for the salary or anything, that I was fine with the current pay after her explanation. She had told me she will have to have a discussion with the rest and if I got rejected/accepted she will let me know.

Anyways last night, I decided to withdrew from the job application. I felt it wasn’t worth the headache to go through such a thing during the interview period. If they were acting this way and talking shit behind your back for the interview, why should I try to stay?

For the record though, i would like to mention my previous full time jobs were 2.5k and they were 5 day jobs. This particular one wanted to pay 2.3k for a 5.5 day job. Also most of the job interviews I went to have never asked to see my current job contract, so I was also abit taken aback by the request.

Was I in the wrong? I just wanted to get this off my chest cause it was really bothering me last night. I would appreciate a 2nd opinion.

Edit: Since everyone seems to be curious, I was applying for a job related to healthcare.

Netizens’ comments

  • No you’re not wrong. They’re cheapskate and it‘s a family business, please run
  • dodged a bullet. as much as they’re interviewing you, you’re interviewing them too. i think you did right by yourself by withdrawing your application. if they treat you like this even before you’re an actual employee, imagine the headache when you’re under their payroll.
  • Family SMEs are like worst of the lot, glad that you withdrew your application. If they cannot even give you an additional $100 pay bump for the 0.5 extra day of work, imaging negotiating for leave/mc/and etc
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