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Facebook user Kai Xin AvDay shared how she bought a bowl of Sheng Mian and asked for no pork, but received a bowl with pork in it, resulting in a argument with the hawker the next day.


Here is what she said

I have been patronizing this stall at least once or twice a week for months.

I personally like their seafood sheng mian and porridge. I don’t take pork so everytime during order, l will tell them no pork and the cashier will indicate no ️pork in the receipt. The lady chef also recognize me and remember my order always simply no pork. She knows me.

There was one time she added pork into my sheng mian. I told her and she asked is it ok for me ? I accepted because l think she must have overlooked based on the high volume of orders.

On 28th Oct, l went there to take away century egg w minced meat porridge in their menu. I asked is it possible to replace the pork to prawns? The answer was no. I was told that l need to pay additional $2.50 if l want to add prawns so l say no need, l just want century egg porridge remove the minced pork.


After reached home, when l consumed almost half of the porridge, l realized she added pork in.

The next day l went back to the stall to have dinner and also at the same time highlighted the issue to the lady who did the cooking. She argued that she don’t remember she got added pork into my porridge. Oh fine, l showed her the photo proof and she went speechless for seconds. I think she never expect me to do that. Yes, photo proof is the best. No need to argue or your word against my word.

Next, she answered since she have added the pork, what’s done cannot be undone, there is no need for me to stress over small matter like that. What do l want her to do? (Oey, you screwed up my order twice, can’t l even give a feedback? )

I told her me as a regular customer l hope she can be more attentive next time and not to repeat the same mistake that she have done twice.

She talked back in an insolent manner : I’m a human being and human being make mistakes. You cannot blame me for the mistakes. l have many regulars so you don’t expect me to remember you. (Wa…now she act memory loss, say cannot remember me so I cannot blame her then l blame myself for not eating pork or l blame the minced pork appearing in my porridge? Period )


Lastly she added, if l am still not happy, l can complain directly to the boss. (I think the boss must be very proud to have such staff with such attitude problem.)

Ok la..bottom line is that yes we are human being and we do make mistakes but it doesn’t give you the right to screwed up my order and yet want me to suck it up in future. I don’t see the need to patronise the stall as often as before from now on since you don’t regards me as your one of your regular. Your buisness might be good, your food might be nice. Btw, Toa Payoh still got plenty of nice food for me to explore.

For those who commented and think l got no humanity or for not been understanding, try to be in my shoes. I did not scold her or be mean. I just hope she can be more attentive to customer’s order, not only me. Fyi, they don’t have to remember every single order. All orders will be printed out in a receipt and pinned besides the person who do the cooking to refer that serve a purpose. I’m not the nasty type and is just mainly a feedback to the merchant. I practice mutual respect one hor.

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