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A lady shared a story online on how she had intimate relations with her husband’s brothers and his father before marrying him.


It happened in different phases of her life from starting from when she was still studying in University.

Fast forward to today, she is 33 years old and happily married to her husband who she says does not know of what she has done with his family members in the past and will probably never find out as she has no intention of letting him know.

On the other hand, he has never asked her about her past.

Here is the story

“I had relations with my husband’s brothers and his dad at different phases in life, starting from when I was studying in University.


The following which I will be sharing are in chronological order.

Husband’s Younger brother: He was my first encounter from the family. We both were schoolmates in University. I was a bit wild then and got introduced to him through my friends and we had relations with each other quite often though it was on and off till graduation.

Father in law: I met him when I was in University. I was still active with the brother. It was that brief phase when I was into elder men. I walked into him at a supermarket while we both were in the same aisle. We chatted up and I sensed that he was into me. We checked out and I found myself in his car in a secluded carpark “moving” on top of him in the back seat. We had relations a few more times in his car on different occasions until I went back to sch and never met him again as I had grown out of that elder men phase.

Husband’s elder brother: This was a one off incident when I met him and his friend at a club. We talked and danced and all three of us went to this friend’s apartment for the night where they both double teamed me for the entire night.

After all this, I met my husband through a friend. It was also the phase when I was done with being wild and wanted to settle down. It was love that I was craving now than physical pleasure alone. I went out for dates with my hubby and fell in love with him.


Then when I went to meet his family and I was shell shocked to see his father and younger brother there. And a family photo of all three brothers. I think they were more shocked to see me there.

Neither of us talked about that. My husband wasn’t aware of this and I still couldn’t tell him. I mostly talked to his mother then.

Fast forward to now, I have a normal relationship with them. We have never talked about the past and I don’t think that will ever happen.

Editor’s Notes: Images used are for illustration purposes.

Editor’s Comments: Wow lady you are one of a kind.

Image source: Unsplash.com

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